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A couple of questions and suggestions to the development team

Content of the article: "A couple of questions and suggestions to the development team"

Hi, everybody. Not angry. I write with the help of a translator. I have questions and suggestions for the team that makes my favorite game heroes of the storm.

Dear developers, thank you for keeping the game afloat, no matter what. Love you.

1) I want to ask if there will be tasks for getting containers like in previous events? Or are you currently focused on a large-scale event for us? (I'm not hinting at anything, but I really want a pve event)

2)you refused to develop the "Nexus universe" just because 3 people (I'm sure it was 3 people) expressed their dissatisfaction with Qhira? All my friends were delighted with the idea of the universe and how you made Qhera.

3) a suggestion that is no longer relevant: Hots could be made as one of the parts of Shadowlands, and combine all the games in one chain, so that the souls who have already suffered and suffered atonement went to the hots arena in order to maintain order and health of Shadowlands. And the maps in hots are different Islands, and the owners of the Islands, for example, the Gravedigger, would be like an Arbiter.

4) ADD THE ANCIENT GODS AS ONE HERO(something similar as abatur, but you can not kill only deactivate, for example, they can only be on fortresses and buildings and pour each on their own line. For example, N'zoth creates illusions of enemies every 30 seconds on the line. And I'sharaj gives a debuff, Yogg-Saron lures creeps on the line, and K'tun sends his acolyte with creeps on the line. And ultimate summons within 10 seconds reduces the time to restore the abilities of all heroes on the map, and gives an ally buff and an opponent's debuff, depending on which God sold the ultimate. That is, you always need to watch the map, quickly live abilities, and pass the ultimate in time during fights, and try to pull your ally's heroes to the line, so that there would be more empact. As I said, the gods can not be killed, only deactivated for a while, experience is given for deactivating the hero's experience /1.5)

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I hope you understand me. Thanks for your attention Waiting For Nexus 3.0 MRRRRRRRRRGGRGRGGRG

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