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A detailed plea to disable Chromie in Brawl (ARAM)

Hey there. I’m just a guy who enjoys playing Brawl. In fact, I’m part of a fairly sizable community that exclusively plays Brawl. The games are fast and full of action. There are lots of cool strategies that are possible because of the mechanics of Brawl. (Constant fighting)

Sometimes, however, there are certain heroes, abilities or talents that are what I would call “oppressive”. By that I mean they are harsh, grievous in the way they negatively affect the fun factor for others. One example would be Sgt. Hammer, who is disabled in Brawl because of the way her kit becomes oppressive on a narrow one lane map. (Personally I don’t see her to be that bad, simply disabling her L20 BFG talent would be fine)

Of course this brings me to Chromie. Because there are just so many issues with her kit that cause playing against her in Brawl to be an utter migraine, I’m going to break them down into sections. Please keep in mind I’m strictly talking about Brawl here. Many, if not all of these points are moot on a standard map with objectives, terrain, etc.

1) Chromie’s Damage

Perhaps the obvious factor in her oppressive kit is her damage. Her damage is balanced with her superior range, which I’ll get into later. What I mean by this she has a high risk/reward factor. Her abilities are more challenging to land, but because of this they do significant damage. However, this “risk” factor is greatly reduced in Brawl. The map is essentially a sandbox fighting arena. She can sit behind her entire team constantly pumping out damage from safety. Missing an ability is not really a big deal, because the only objective is to destroy the enemy core.

Mana regeneration is plentiful with a nearby fountain and several regeneration globe spawners, as well as potentially 2 globes per minion wave. These factors all benefit Chromie significantly as it essentially nullifies the “missed opportunity factor”. Missing an ability doesn’t really matter, because there is no factor that demands accuracy. This is all giving the benefit of the doubt that Chromie can land her abilities, however. A strong Chromie player easily surpasses nearly every other hero in the game in terms of damage output in Brawl. It’s not uncommon to see Chromie have 100% more hero damage than every other hero in a 15-20 minute Brawl match. However, this is only in part due to her abilities’ damage values. This leads me into my next issue.

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2) Chromie’s Range

Hey, did you know Chromie’s abilities have extremely long range? Of course, you already knew that. Because of this, she is a very strong siege hero. Now what happens when you put a hero like Chromie into a one lane map with no other objective aside from destroying the core? Simple. It creates a never ending siege scenario where the enemy team’s options are highly limited. A well positioned Chromie will not be able to be touched. This is further compounded by her team, usually a couple melee heroes just itching to be able to cc and kill you as they’ve done nothing but watch the Chromie bombard your team into submission for 10 minutes. But maybe you have plenty of cc and initiation of your own? That is surely a solution, right? Into my next issue.

3) Chromie’s Crowd Control

This is easily what puts Chromie up and over the edge in terms of being oppressive. She hits level 8. What happens? She slaps Slowing Sands right into the middle of the lane. Sometimes right in the middle of your gate, meaning you physically cannot leave your buildings without slowly trudging through Slowing Sands. If by some show of force your entire team manages to crawl through in order to engage the enemy team, Chromie has EVEN MORE CROWD CONTROL waiting to use on you in the form of her Time Trap. Remember, this is a one lane map with no other objectives. The enemy HAS to walk towards Chromie’s crowd control.

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4) Chromie’s Talents

This is where I’m going to try to summarize everything. My main point here is because of Brawl’s mechanics, it opens up a wide variety of strategies and play style opportunities that are otherwise not possible. Sometimes it enhances existing strategies, too. Everything Chromie has in her kit is amplified significantly in Brawl. Every one of the issues I have listed compounds the next, creating this utter monster of a hero that is the little devil Chromie. Problem: Her damage values are high. Compounding factor: Her range is extremely long. Additional factor: Her crowd control is insane. This creates a hero that does massive damage from a huge range and has several ways of preventing anyone from getting anywhere near her. And then… if this wasn’t enough of a problem, we have her talents.

Once Again For The First Time: Her insane damage from huge range is further improved.

Andorhal Anomaly: Hey, what if she had two more Time Traps so she can cover the entire lane with them?

Time Out: You got through her entire team, her Slowing Sands, her three Time Traps? Too bad, now she’s invincible for 5 full seconds.

Piercing Sands: No one can hide anymore. Unless you are so far away you aren’t on her screen, you are within range of getting chunked for 50% of your health every few seconds.

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I hope this hasn’t come off as too whiny. Really I just enjoy Brawl a whole lot. But it’s gotten to the point where myself and many others see Chromie on the other team and think “Well, this game is guaranteed not to be much fun.” I know most people consider Brawl a gimmick mode, just a means to play 3 games a week for the loot box and go back to QM or SL. I get that. Brawl isn’t for everybody. But for those of us that love Brawl, disabling Chromie would be a huge boon to our enjoyment. If you read this far, thanks for reading. Hope you have a great day.

PS: Sometimes there are 3 Chromies on one team.

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