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A few thoughts about my suspension for nonparticipation

Content of the article: "A few thoughts about my suspension for nonparticipation"

  • Rejoice ! Nonparticipation reports DO work ! Me being an example. And well deservedly so.

  • Nonparticipation is NOT a question of who's right and who's wrong… it's the simple, arid, cold result of the accumulation of a BIG number of nonparticipation reports. In other words, if you want to improve your account balance, and avoid suspensions, you must focus on the numbers, not on the people.

  • There simply is NO surrender button: no matter what your experience might suggest, the game has to be played to the very end. So, please don't give up in lane, waiting for the game to end, because your teammates will hate you for that, and report you. You have to find it in yourself enough motivation to play through a lost game, and live to fight another day. Go out there and fight 1v5 under your core, with all your team mates dead. Sacrifice yourself. Your KDA means nothing, if you can't play because you have been suspended.

  • Be careful with whom you engage in controversial conversations in chat, especially pre-mades on your team are a BIG red warning sign, that mass reports against you can and WILL be coming, for any whatsoever reason. So, pay attention to the loading screen, and take mental note of pre-made members on your team. If you queue-up and leave your computer, only to return when the game has already started, you have already lost a FUNDAMENTAL piece of information, that can shield you from a deluge of reports.

  • Speaking of leaving your computer: if you are constantly lifting your a$$ from the chair, for whatever reason, it means that you are queueing up for more games than you can physically afford to play. If this is the case, NOBODY in your team will have a pleasant experience playing with you. Ask yourself: how often do I have to click on the "rejoin" button of the "game in progress" screen ? Consider 4 reports for nonparticipation for EACH AND EVERY ONE of those clicks.
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  • Nonparticipation can be a cyclical phenomenon (it is in my case, at least), but the big wave WILL come one day: it's up to you to delay that day as much as possible. Months before being suspended, I got a warning stating that I had the tendency to be reported for nonparticipation: I shrugged it off, and kept playing for months, until the problem simply became too big to be ignored by the system. So please, don't underestimate those warning reports from blizzard, and change your habits before it's too late.

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