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Abused With Chat Muted: Unable to Report Players

Using a throwaway account for this, for reasons I hope will be understandable.

My main account just finished a month's suspension for chat violations. I'm not going to try to defend this, other than to say that I find it very difficult not to respond to players who are toxic or abusive. In doing so, I earned myself this suspension. Fair enough.

Since my account was re-activated on the 24th, I've muted chat in order to prevent myself from repeating this mistake. However, doing so has opened me up to abuse from other players that I am unable to report them for.

My second account had no issues during the month that I was banned. I made my way up from bronze 1 to plat 4 with 120? games played and a 65% win rate, and that was that. I only say this to demonstrate that I understand the basics of how to play the game, no matter how mediocre you may judge me to be.

In a match this morning, I was playing some Mei QuickMatch to level her up and earn some shards for some of the new cosmetics. I was soaking a lane on Alterac Pass because nobody else was doing it. One of my teammates decided to engage the enemy team early at the objective while we were talents down and I was still soaking before going to the objective. As a result, they ended up dead and as we were 4v5 and talents down, I decided to keep soaking. The result was an abusive level of pinging, but I couldn't see chat because I have it muted to prevent myself from getting triggered by things like this. The team continued to make the same sorts of plays as the game continued – ignoring enemy merc pushes, engaging talents down or 4v5, the usual things that result in death and loss. So I did my best to soak us back into the game and avoid fights until we could compete. We never got back to parity.

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After a while, my teammates stopped playing. They stood at the core. They danced in front of the enemy team. Soon enough, we lost.

So I watched the replay, to find two players declaring that they were not going to lane because that's "not what my hero is for", one of which then stated that they were not going to group with others, ever. I also saw myself referred to as a "****ing ***hole", "****ing ape" for not being with the group while they were engaging talents-down 4v5, and then all 4 players had a discussion where they agreed to report me, what to put into the report, and assuring each other that I would be banned from the game. I'm honestly glad that my chat was muted because I don't think anyone should have to put up with this and I don't think anyone should be judged for responding in kind. But when you have CS representatives reading reports and not being able to see the context within which the comments were made, I understand that doing so will just get me banned again.

After watching the replay, I attempted to /w each of their player names so that I could report this abuse. I found that I couldn't, because apparently the game prevents you from using /w <playername> after a period of time has elapsed post-match.

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As a player who is self-muting to prevent typing anything others would consider "toxic", I am therefore denied any opportunity to report players who are abusive or toxic towards me. This seems extremely unfair and allows other players to abuse the report system and threaten to have me banned from the game. Please change the post match /w time restriction so that players like me can watch replays and report abusive players when needed.

It is not a ToS violation to soak lanes, to avoid fights until you have equal talents, to avoid fights when you are 4v5. The battle.net website gives me no way to report these players and I cannot even get their battle tags from the heroesprofile match report. Something needs to be done to give chat-muted players recourse against abuse like this – I've done my bit by muting my chat because evidently people don't like what I say back to them. As a player who spends their time focused on Storm League, I feel hamstrung and held back by my inability to communicate with my team when it's needed. But it is necessary.

I have no way to report any of this through official channels that would result in any action being taken. I'm just posting it here in the hope that someone from Blizzard will read it, even if they don't respond. I honestly fear for the future of my main account having spent 1500 levels unlocking the roster and considerable real money on cosmetic items which would all be lost if it was banned. It's not right that I should have to fear false reporting like this. I have the replay available if anyone from Blizzard does want it, but I would rather not publish it openly as it would give out my main account name.

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