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Alexstrasza’s main healing build is E

Content of the article: "Alexstrasza’s main healing build is E"

Alex player here. In diamond not master. Got most of this from gm/master alex players though. If you don’t believe me head to heroesprofile to check her stats.

Most people tend to think alex’s best build is her q build. This is wrong, its a trap. If enemy has any decent poke damage, any burst, or dive you suddenly have reduced alex back to level 1. Even without these a few lucky shots from a mage can get this same effect. Even higher level alex players sometimes go for this build at the wrong time and its low winrate in even masters reflects this. In comparison her e build has about a 7% (plus minus two depending on filters) higher winrate. Her w build is about average for masters with a 53%.

E build gives alex strong cc, better self sustain, and a win condition at level 20. More importantly it gives you back dragonform every fight vs every other fight. As a master alex player told me, “ you pick alex for her trait. Shes a weaker healer when its on cooldown but one of the most powerful there is when unleashing her combo. Since this is the case you want the build that will get you that power spike asap”. You might argue that you get less cdr in good games, but id remind you that good alex players are better at landing e’s than their equivalent opponents are at dodging them, especially if they have any cc. This also applies to ana, imperius, and maiev. If skillshots were easy to dodge these heroes would be useless in higher ranks. Her aa applies flame buffet at 20 has one of the highest winrates, even among level 20 talents. Alexstraszas that reach 20 have a 70% winrate with this talent. Thats about 5-10 percent higher than typical level 20’s. Though this might be my filters altering my opinion so im going to stop talking about winrates.

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Her w build is good, i tend to pick it too often though. Its kinda easy to counter with mages like kt, guldan, ect.

Also lifebinder is also overrated. Its pickrate is too high in lower ranks. In masters its got about 25% pickrate, much lower than its 40% pickrate in plat-silver. Keep in mind cleansing flame can be used to give alex an escape, secure kills, heal aoe, and increase your time in dragon form so you can get an extra w. Flying behind the enemy to e them into your team at key moments is no joke. Lifebinder can really empower divers which means it definitely has a place. Though i admit i dont pick it often so i cannot stand by that. Lifebinder is not a trap ult, it can be good, but in most cases you go cleansing flame.

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