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Alexstrazsa keeps getting the wrong buffs

Alexstrasza seems to get a round of buffs every several months nowadays. She got one in november 2019, another 8.5 months later, and another 5 months after that. And on paper, a lot of these changes look pretty substantial. All 3 of her builds, Q, W, and E, got buffs to almost every one of their talents. But in practice, these hardly make a difference.

The vast majority of the buffs Alexstrasza has received are to the amount of healing she outputs in her base form. But raw healing is the one thing her base form is already good at. What it's missing is literally everything else. Her base form has terrible damage, bad CC, no cleanse of any kind, a bit of wave clear but terrible camp clear, and no other utility besides raw healing. For this reason, the biggest buff by far in the 3 patches I mentioned was the buff to Heat Exhaustion at 4, because that gave her a halfway decent CC in her base form. (It's not great because even with Heat Exhaustion, Flame Buffet is still way worse CC than, say, an on-demand root like Anduin E or Malfurion E. But it's something.) Other than that, her base form is little more than a waiting room for Dragonqueen, and none of the recent attempts to buff the hero have addressed this, other than Heat Exhaustion.

Read more:  At any point of time I could've decided not to post this, but alas, I did.

I really think Alexstrasza should have a bit of power taken away from Dragonqueen so her base form can get more engaging tools. Basically, pick any one thing I mentioned her base form was missing (damage, PvE, CC, cleanse), give her some of that, and nerf Dragonqueen a bit to compensate. Further buffing Alexstrasza's base healing output is an extremely inefficient way to make her more powerful or appealing, and I'll be quite sad if that's all the next round of buffs she gets contains.

Oh and while we're talking about Alexstrasza, can you guys please fix the tooltip for Dragon Scales? It's one of the most confusing and disingenuous tooltips in the game. Thanks.


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