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An alternate idea for how Medivac could work

Content of the article: "An alternate idea for how Medivac could work"

I want to say up front that I am not arguing that Medivac is it works currently is terrible or NEEDS a buff or change, but I merely liked this idea when I thought about it.

What if Medivac worked like Raynor's Raider and followed her around as a pet, providing an extra healing beam? So it could not only work as a transportation, but supplemental healing?

Activating the Ult would then allow it to be boarded by anyone, including Morales, and it would fly off to the target location after a countdown.

I also think that anyone should be able to enter AND exit the Medivac at will until it actually flies off, INCLUDING Morales, allowing it to be used similar to how Bunker is used, though without the Armor effects and with less overall HP too, though I think it should remove DoT like Bunker does currently.

While in "pet mode," Morales wouldn't be able to give orders to the Medivac or control what it healed, it would either heal the nearest or lowest health friendly hero in range, and I'd make the leash range pretty short.

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After using a <> as a transport (activating R), the Medivac would fly off (if not destroyed) and respawn as a pet by Morales after like say, 20 seconds or so depriving her of the pet bonuses for a while. Same if it got destroyed.

Things I like about this: gives everyone including Morales more control over how Medivac is used, gives it some more defensive potential, gives Morales some more protection and self-healing potential (particularly while moving or running away).

NOTE: the "bunker" use of Medivac as a transport again, would ONLY be usable with the Active (and subject to 60 second or whatever cooldown is balanced); the healing of the pet Medivac should of course be balanced so that it doesn't push Morales' healing output into broken levels, but let's be frank, I don't think anyone's arguing that's a danger for Morales as she is currently. I think there's a strong argument she's at the bottom of the healer meta right now.

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