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An Alternative to the Medallion

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I don't like the Medallion Anomaly. To me, it feels like a bandaid for the issue. Instead of actually fixing Chain CC in some way, they just threw a self-cleanse with a long cooldown on everyone. That was a very odd solution because there are so many problems with it:

  • First and foremost, to me at least, is that the Medallion is a very skill-based counterplay. I am not very good at the game and, even when I remember the medallion exists, it's usually not enough to get me out of trouble. At low levels, it really is rarely useful and the problem of chain CC still exists. The skill balance of executing chain CC to preventing it is tipped heavily in the former's direction.

  • At high levels of play, the self-cleanse can simply fuck over CC-heavy engage heroes. In particular, tanks and melee assassins, who are already struggling to compete with their ranged counterparts, are unfairly affected by it.

  • On top of that, characters with built in cleanses, such as Johanna and Garrosh lose some of their niche while not gaining much of anything in return.

Overall, I just think the medallion is a very inelegant solution to this problem and I think they could do something so much simpler and more streamlined. However, i don't believe in criticism without offering alternative solutions, so here is mine: Fortitude.

Now, what is Fortitude? It would be a passive effect all characters have with a pretty simple effect:

When a hero is affected by a crowd control effect (Stun, Root, Silence) they gain one stack of Fortitude. Fortitude lasts for X seconds (if I was to throw out a number, it would be 3 but this would have to be tested by someone better than me to see if it worked) and is refreshed if another stack of Fortitude is applied within that time. Each stack of Fortitude lowers the effective time of new crowd control effects by 25%. A hero can have up to 5 Fortitude stacks with the fifth stack granting the Unstoppable buff for X seconds.

This solution directly targets Chain CC without killing off crowd control entirely and the passive nature means that it will help everyone, rather than just the top players. It still allows multiple CC effects being used to target a single hero but makes it so each one is less effective than the last, allowing for counterplay without nerfing individual CC.

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Now, I by no means claim to be a game designer but I think this option is healthier for the game at all levels and it can of course be tweaked. The numbers could easily be lowered or increased and the stacks can be limited to 4, providing a 100% reduction to incoming CC without granting Unstoppable like the fifth stack. Anyways, I was just wondering what people thought of this idea or if anyone had other ideas for alternatives to the Medallion.

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