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“These are targeted changes” – My understanding of this statement is that the anomalies are meant to attack weak points of the game – for example xp globes assisted new players with visual clarity and created some new gameplay around zoning others away from the xp. Tower changes are meant to protect defenders as there was a decision that diving as an attacker was too powerful. What is the target of this new anomoly? It feels like its just a change for the sake of making changes. So this post doesnt just feel like complaining I would like to include some ideas for future anomalies, please let me know what you think of them:

– Role update to use tags (engage, peel, waveclear, sustain, global, cc, etc)
– What does this fix? Improves clarity and information in drafting, particularly when learning the game and what heroes do.

– The lack of power scaling differential on most of the roster (this is an early game hero vs this is a late game hero – it exists however it is a smaller factor than it could be)

– What does this fix? Creates more variables in drafting and different power spikes through out the game.

– camp changes, camp timings feel to be figured out at all levels of play

– What does this fix? I think camp changes would be acceptable on some to shake this up. For example, if a camp is successfully invaded maybe its cooldown is moderately reduced. Maybe camps “charge up” overtime, for example, the full cooldown of the siege giants camps may be 2 minutes, but at 1 minute the first giant will spawn and you can cap it individually. Or maybe the siege giant camp is replaced with a “catapult camp.” This camp would spawn more catapults over time up to maybe 4 and could be capped like any other camp.

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– this one is extremely risky, but the idea of xp globes becoming neutral

-What does this fix? after a period of time could make the solo lane much more interactive on every map (maybe converted globes give a fraction of a normal globe)

– giving us more stats during / post games

– What does this fix? I think %90+ of players in this game wouldnt say no to more information as this game is seriously lacking in this department when compared to its competitors. Stats give players metrics to improve on and/ or measure against, a system such as the Stats-Of-The-Storm application in game would be awesome. This could be extended to one day providing us winrates and popular talent builds in game.

TLDR: I do not know what the point of this weather anomaly is. If nothing else the stealth weather anomaly needs to be readdressed.

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