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Are there any workarounds for auto attacking nearby enemies automatically?

Content of the article: "Are there any workarounds for auto attacking nearby enemies automatically?"

EDIT: For those who are seeing this in the future, I posted a solution at the bottom of my post.

Hey. I recently got back into HOTS after leaving for a few years and have gotten annoyed with the fact that your character automatically attacks hostiles when in range of them. The only way to stop this behavior seems to be by using the "hold" command under basic controls.

Most of the time this isn't an issue, but with Orphea her level 4 talent relies on using 3 stacks of chaos at once, which means accidental auto attacks can prematurely trigger this. This is especially annoying when Orphea delays her dash on purpose, as during this time she will auto attack anything near her because there is no movement input.

If anyone can let me know of a way to fix this issue that would be great. My mechanics were partially developed in League, so I like how you can disable auto attack in there.

EDIT: For anyone that stumbles across this post, I figured out a solution. The config file for the game is located in your documents folder under a folder called Heroes of the Storm. It's called variables.txt. This allows you to set a setting called ProximityAttack to false instead of true, thus disabling auto attack.

For those who kept saying "H" solves the issue, I can only assume that you didn't read my post or that you were misunderstanding my question. "H" is the default hotkey for the "Hold" command, which halts your movement and stops you from attacking things automatically. However, this is not a suitable solution for stopping auto attacks from the ProximityAttack setting in the config file, which occur whenever you're standing near an enemy. You normally have to press the hold command after very single instance of movement if you want to stop auto attacking any enemy near you.

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EDIT2: Not all champions care if ProximityAttack=false and will still auto attack nearby enemies. As of this edit, Nova, Mephisto, and Fenix do not care from what I've tested, whereas Orphea, Valla, Mei, and Tyrael stop idle auto attacking.

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