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Are we ever going to see Abathur with an E ability? Why doesn’t he even have one in the first place?

Content of the article: "Are we ever going to see Abathur with an E ability? Why doesn’t he even have one in the first place?"

It seems silly that he doesn't, perhaps maybe because of a symbiote, he doesn't need one because he technically has 4 abilities. But still, they're minor, not to mention heroes like Valeera who you could argue has 6 abilities (kinda) or Deathwing with literally 5 abilities. But either way, abby isn't as interesting anymore, since you just hat, spam abilities, lay down some mines, move around. Why can't he have an E, that will give him something else he can do while he has uptime? Something that will give him more complexity and a higher skillcap? Because at the moment, he's not as fun as he really should be, despite being my highest leveled hero. It's just such a disappointment know that literally every other hero has an E ability, except for abathur.

On the whole topic of abby, he seriously needs some sort of rework on monstrosity. Literally is never taken not because of the fact that it isn't good, but because ultimate evolution is just so much more useful. I've tried to run it it in quite a few games, but I find that I'm trying to help out in a teamfight, and the monstrosity just pushes down a lane and dies to a turret. It would be really neat if perhaps it could be controlled like with how Rexxar controls Misha. Or maybe that it automatically tunnels away after going below 50% health. I think it's a good ultimate, it just needs some sort of rework/buff, especially on the level 20 talent for it. Abby is seriously underlooked by the dev team and his kit just needs a bit of a buff. I love abby and I want to play him more but not having an E ability just makes him a whole lot less fun.

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What do you guys reckon? Would it be "overpowered" for abathur to have an E on top of the symbiote abilities he already has? Don't you reckon the skillcap for him isn't as high as it really should be as a battleground manipulator? Don't you just hate how short the locusts last for?

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