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attack/defense map suggestion

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the basic concept

all buildings are invulnerable like the keeps in towers of doom, after _ minutes every _ minutes a payload spawns, capping the payload makes your team the attacking team & the enemy team the defending team in that lane. The payload has an aura that makes the defender's nearby buildings vulnerable & disabled, the attacking team pushes it towards the enemy core by standing near it. The defending team can stall the payload by contesting it, if there are no attackers pushing the payload while it's getting contested by the defenders they can cap the payload to kill it & return all their nearby buildings back to invulnerable.

how the objective works

both cores are invulnerable & have 7 hp. Winning the payload teamfight to become the attacking team, killing a fort or keep, and the defending team killing the attacking team's payload all fire a shot at their core that does 1 damage. Once a core gets down to 1 hp defensive caps no longer damage the attacker's core so a team can't win on a defend, if both teams get down to 1 core hp and theres no more payloads threatening a fort or keep left on the map then the match is decided by a midpoint brawl where the next payload spawns

bc the objective of the map's design is to play differently than the others & feel a lot more like ARAM brawls (or a OW/TF2/Paladins match) than a normal MOBA siege map, the payload doesn't do anything once the enemy keep in that lane is killed, it just sits there next to the dead keep until the defending team comes & caps it; the next payload can spawn while the old one is still in play, meaning in order to get a full blow-out game with 0 core hp lost you have to cap all the payloads, and defend all the payloads for the entire match. There's a lot of wild & cool (or boring) things the payloads could do when they reach the enemy core but having them do nothing but provide the losing team a free point when they get a second to cap the undefended no-longer-useful payload to help them catch up makes the games progress to a 1hp-on-both-sides tiebreaker midpoint brawl more often than either team just winning by killing enough forts & keeps which is IMO a lot more fun & interesting than anything the payloads could do to the core, & makes it more different from normal maps.

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the mercs

bc the map doesn't revolve around sieging buildings but fighting over payloads, the mercs don't lane.

Siege mercs have undodgable AA's like the impalers, they path towards the payload in their lane but only move when they aren't touching its cap zone, so instead of rolling down the enemy's buildings until someone stops them they sit on the far side of the payload from the enemy team & pummel them when they come into range to try to cap or contest the objective until they get cleared off of it, prioritizing minions like normal so even if minions aren't useful for free-sieging outside of objectives like in a normal map they're still useful in eating sieger attacks so you can push your minions up to the payload to clear them off without getting hit & attackers can push their minions past the payload to keep a clear field for the siegers to only target heros.

Bruiser mercs path to the payload too but unlike the siegers will actually walk up to touch the thing and as long as your team has bruisers on the payload it is considered contested as if they were heroes, as long as the mage bruiser is alive the bruiser camp slowly gains shields up to 1/4th of their max health, so they're harder to poke down over time unless the mage gets poked down first.

The boss camp… was tricky to make not be a laner so it didn't outshine the objective (COUGH COUGH HANAMURA) but I got it there. Once capped it goes invisible (removing itself from the enemy's map) and then paths to the next payload's spawn site (even if it hasn't been revealed to the players yet where it will be, giving the team who capped it an advantage) and then it begins gaining shield for every second it's out of combat, giving the team that capped it advantage in the next midpoint fight buut a sizeable proportion of that advantage is locked up in capping the boss as early as possible which gives the enemy team time to hunt for & locate where the boss went so they can kill it before the objective drops to even the playing field again, if they can spare the manpower from fighting over the payload, & capping the boss right before the payload drops so the enemy team has no time to clear it out thusly makes the boss far weaker & easier to kill.

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