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Bomb Gazlowe is Finally Complete! 💣💣💣

Content of the article: "Bomb Gazlowe is Finally Complete! 💣💣💣"

Nothing quite as iconic as a Goblin tinker spreading explosives everywhere!

The Bomb Toss buff turned a kinda niche talent into the ultimate zoning tool, achieving what Kwik Release Charge couldn't before. Reaktor was already great and may get nerfed, now that bomb range and talents improved, even the Turrets it summons. We'll see!

The New Build!

My fav bomb build. More flexible than my old one, and even keeps the backline on their feet.

Starting, Rocket Boots is just a heck of a package. More dps & waveclear, a speed boost to reposition, and dat range boost. Since range got boosted baseline, you could skip it it you'll mostly target fat melees or peel, and need 1v1 and or/camping and/or anti-Immortal potential.

On 4, Hyperfocus Coils excels against the fat hp pools up front, adding a cute damage bonus and big heals. Turret shields go with BGH and Ripper can further counter a dive.

Overload is another big package. Adds dps and hps against fat comps, more back poke, Coils synergy and the only PvE bonus on 7. Blaster is an all-ability hybrid and directly buffs bombs. Boosts their accuracy after a Lazor, helps chase & peel, makes bomb hits more devastating.

Gravo is an obvious choice for comboing, but unlike the old days, Xplodium and its talents are no longer calibrated to it. You won't miss out if you get Robo for PvE, 1v1 and/or Unstoppable!

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On 13, I love the reach and spread of Schematics, and it helps vs ranged Heroes, but Capacitors is the mage-ier talent. It juices up your combos and overall dps and Lazor hps.

Ark Reaktor was already a bit much! Good cdr and reliable 360 damage. Lazorz has Turret/Overload + combo synergy. For an anti-tank bomb build, Overklock + Reinforcement max % damage.

Then, some insane storm upgrades. Black Hole gives crucial size and may allow Gravo to be cast multiple times, amazing on its own and more so with combo-heavy allies. Mecha-Lord helps stick to the front and is great with Blaster, finishing off cced enemies. Or you can get…

BOMB TOSS 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣

This gorgeous, hellish monster of a talent… It finally does it. Sustained zoning value instead of a combo piece. It stands there, next to a Gravo's upgrade, as if to say, hey… there's another way.

I utterly underestimated this at first. Then I tried it and it was nice. But now? Hoo boy! Who can zone with such reach and frequency? Jaina? Probius? Nazeebo? Deathwing? Well Gaz just dropped three bombs on the field, with more coming!

This talent does so much. It has you think ahead without it being tied to a big delay that's 'fixed' by a heroic. With the extra charge, you can freely cast your bombs to peel and follow stuns, and maybe drop Gravo further ahead. You can even chain stuns with support, but it's more demanding than before. It creates opportunities for your team without sacrificing reliability. You now respond to allies and enemy dives, instead of hoping allies work for your bombs.

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No mana, responsive, bombs are incredibly freeing, and with Bomb Toss, super oppressive!

Old Bomb Issues

Cd reduction demanded Lazor and Xplodium were clunky, to be less spammable (tee hee). A way to help reposition ended up affected everything, for abilities that didn't combine in meaningful ways. Opposite to Illidan and Mephisto's traits, that make sense thematically and mechanically. Cdr fuels synergistic abilities as raw hatred, by interacting with enemies, not your own trash.

Then, Grav-O-Bomb. You just couldn't tweak the intertwined delays of bombs or Gravo. As with Pufferfish, Xplodium and its talents were balanced around a Heroic, otherwise best as waveclear.

I actually adored E build with Robo, but it was a pure anti-frontline tool, and passive too. Counter a dive after more than 2.5 seconds. Get stunned to drop a bomb. Hope allies pin foes down.

As for zoning… enemies often just walked over bombs. That's 0 zoning. You were incentivized to avoid casting to save mana and their cd for Gravo that was far worse without them, unlike now.

Old Talent Issues

X-Tra Large Bombs was the only independent Xplodium talent, that single-handedly made the zoning formidable. Helped that it was next to two Lazor talents reliant on Hyperfocus. But handy as the bomb dropping at your feet was, it was pretty passive, leaving decisions to your foes.

Level 1 had some variety, in bad ways, with weak talents. A worse Regen Master dominated because of how it helped the overtuned Robo-Goblin. Extra TNT was tuned around waveclear. You could get more mana from Scrap to sustain this hungry build, or cd reduction to add a third bomb on Gravo and reduce its cd. Again playing the game just for that Gravo moment you drop your heroic.

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Ark Reaktor was a non-talent for most of the game. How big was the power vs inconsistency gap? Well, 2 sec of cdr… and two Turret charges for hitting Heroes. That's insane with how strong Turrets were. Turret Storage on 16 gave one extra charge and this replenishes two.

And of course, Kwik Release Charge, balanced around Gravo and heavy allied cc. Just piling everything for one combo. Not a consistent zoning talent, but a heroic accessory.

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