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Braxis holdout’s King’s core may need adjustments

So all the cores have special abilities now, and they're all quite strong against tanks due to the percent damage.

However, the core on braxis is actually disproportionately insane against tanks/bruisers/frontliners compared to other roles. This is what the core on braxis does:

Every 4 seconds, the Core will shoot 5 missiles at a nearby enemy Hero, dealing 5% maximum Health as damage per missile. (so 25% damage every 4 seconds)

I was playing garrosh and being rather tanky against the enemy team at low hp (which is what garrosh does). Then I stopped for half a second to do my E Q combo and just got shredded by the core (the 5% damage ignores armour btw).

I'm okay for core abilities to be strong but core abilities should be strong IN CONJUNCTION with enemy players (by offering CC effects like all the other cores), not do all the work themselves when you stop for half a second.

The 5 missiles rain down in a somewhat staggered manner so the actual breathing room for a hero is about 2 seconds in between. Inside the braxis core area, you can't moshpit their entire team, because the core will actually kill you on its own. You can't channel lightning breath, you can't channel combustion etc. Basically, even if there is only 1 enemy hero left defending, and you stun that enemy hero, you can't stand there to hit him because the core will shred you.

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And if you're playing deathwing, you actually cannot cast your spells inside the core area, because during the cast time, the core does 25% of your hp (not even counting the core's actual attack itself) every 4 seconds.

TL;DR Braxis core does too much on its own, cores should have strong disruptive effects for allies to skilfully make use of, cores should not just do all the damage on its own and carry an entire team that is contributing 0 damage output

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