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Can we start teaching and learning stats don’t equal good play, and to keep an open mind in games please.

Content of the article: "Can we start teaching and learning stats don’t equal good play, and to keep an open mind in games please."

Little tilted after two terrible games today I which two people had… unique philosophies on how to play. A Deathwing going for siege, purely off of minions, and that decided team fights were not important to show up to as our only “tank”.

Another was an Abby who took siege talents for “DPS in fights” but sat in base and rarely top hatted till he picked up his monstrosity.

In both cases my friends and I offered constructive criticism. Saying “hey DW we need you to show up for fights we can’t survive down a body” or “abby you should move bot for your locust to get siege” and in both cases we were met with toxic, and to be brunt fuck you responses. While I know I’m no god tier player I’m not trash and have decent game knowledge, but that doesn’t stop me from trying and attempting to improve nor take actual criticism. At the end of the games, both losses, both players tried to fall back on numbers, saying the loss isn’t their fault they carried their weight. I’m not saying any of the rest of us were perfect but there’s a clear disconnect in what happened both games.

High siege or hero damage don’t mean your doing good. There’s so much more to this game than padding those numbers and I only call those two out cause I most often see people justify their play with those two. You can have 100k siege from just hitting minions which is no where near as productive as having put some of that into structures to create pressure. 2000 damage into the healer is way different than into the tank.

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There’s so much to learn and do in the game that can affect the outcome getting as much damage as possible doesn’t just equal a win. Target prioritization, lane freezing, map pressure(waves,camps,vision,obj, heroes), body blocking, rotations and ganks, matchups, win conditions, map awareness, vision, interactions, timing, using medallions well now and well lots more. When a teammate gives actual good, positive criticism take it, why wouldn’t you? Your learning and getting better and that’s what gets you closer to a win. Not padding numbers, not being toxic. Learning, growing and positivity. Let’s do better, yeah friends?

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