Heroes of the Storm

Certain Mercs , block the pathing of other catapults and confuses them. (Also catapults can block other catapults too)

Dunno if intentional or not , but in many games I noticed in many instances , certain mercs tend to block up the pathing of catapults when enough mercs/catapults have reached certain areas with a successful push. Usually in front of a Keep or even the core.

The catapults will get confused and try to move around the mercs , but somehow get stuck , endlessly trying to move around the mercs , which they never seem to do for some reason.

Instead of lining up horizontally beside the mercs , to join them firing on the structure , they move back and forth behind the mercs and never get around to parking themselves beside them.

Thus they waste dozens of valuable seconds just moving about , instead of sieging. Making your push with mercs (Or even the AI's push without you) a big waste.

I noticed this quite alot on Volskaya Foundry with siege camp , especially if both walls are still up on either side of the towers before the keep (Less room for catapults to maneuver around the mercs when they reach the gate) and sometimes around the core too. This is really bad on that map , since the catapults tend to do more damage than that siege camp.

I think this might happen on Starcraft maps with the bruiser camp too.

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Also I'm pretty sure the same thing happens on any map when enough catapults have built up on a push , in certain areas of the map in certain pathing situations.

Instead of catapults not being able to move themselves around mercs , it's just catapults not being able to move around other catapults , when enough have built up in certain areas/situation.

I don't know what causes this to happen , since it doesn't happen all the time . But watching this is very annoying , since you knew that structure (Or even the core ) should be destroyed. (Especially annoying if you are dead yourself at the time , and all you can do is watch your minions fail , even if they managed to reach the Keep/Core , while everyone else is busy team fighting. )

Has anybody else noticed this happen before ?

I hope this is something that can be looked into in a future patch.


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