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Chromie feedback after a year or so

This is bad timing since there is a new patch and new Hero being released after many months, so the focus is somewhere else, but I just want to give my feedback.

I played Chromie back then and it was clear that she needed a rework, sometimes a specific element of a Hero is very frustrating to play against, no matter they're winrate. The global instant teleport with Here and There, Bye-Bye making her disappear to base with low HP even after using disables on her, Time Trap resets and charges, very long range on spells, etc. basically an untouchable mage with an insta-kill potential. She had everything in many parts of her kit.

I do think they should have reworked/removed some of these aspects, but after the rework I feel she is a spam-spam hero, scarce options for survivability, no more "good timing" needed like she should be, making her less fun in my opinion.

As Temporal Loop is a way to set your "good timing", one of it's features (500% faster cooldown recharge) also leans to making Chromie a spam-spam Hero.

About Dragon's Breath's (W) 3rd blast:

2 blasts are just what she needs.

  • The 1st and the 2nd blast are unpredictable to enemies, the 3rd is already predictable since you can imagine the vector that Chromie chose by the landing of the 2nd blast.
  • With the first 2 blasts you can hit disabled/standing still (because the 1st and 2nd blast slightly overlaps) enemies or moving enemies, people seem to only get hit by the 3rd blast if they're relentlessly chasing you or in the middle of a teamfight.
  • Both of your ultimate abilities kinda have weird synergy to the 3rd blast. With Temporal Loop ( R) enemies will either focus you, or will become aware of the incoming Dragon’s Breath (W) blasts. Either way, they are going to evade the 3rd blast. With Slowing Sands ( R) it's almost like the standing still situation, you hit the first, might hit the second, but won't hit the 3rd because they're too slow for that.
  • I feel that the existence of the 3rd blast is an excuse for reducing/spreading Dragon's Breath's (W) damage overall which, again, makes her not a "good timing" Hero, but a spam-spam Hero. Meaning 2 blasts with a bit more increased damage would be the middle ground: spreading her damage by not making it only 1 blast dealing massive damage, but also replacing the 3rd (very unreliable) blast with a bit more damage on the 1st and 2nd blasts.
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On the other hand, I think the better PvE and the alternative for an auto-attack gameplay is good, but that second part, making her get out of her safe zone and go to action sometimes (which is also good), on top of the nerfs on her survivability (by reducing range, and nerfing her Level 11 Talents) just makes stuff a lot harder.

A few suggestions

  • Give her a little more survivability (not as before with Bye-Bye and global Here and There of course). Within that: maybe a way we can choose where you want to place your Echo(s) and make them not change places after you cast Sand Blast (Q), making Here and There more viable. I don't know about this one, I couldn't even think about a hotkey for that, maybe on the active abilities, but she kinda already have a lot of actives and that would make her gameplay weird. IDK, just throwing the idea.
  • Make Dragon's Breath (W) a bit more burst/timing needed. Maybe launch 2 blasts instead of 3. Thereby a minor damage increase on the blasts might be necessary to compensate. Or maybe a few more talents dedicated to her W.
  • A weird part of Chromie's gameplay is that Time Trap (E) affects allies. Sure it can be good or bad, but I feel like a part of Medivh's gameplay is lost on Chromie. My suggestion would be making that feature optional by applying it to a talent.
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Just like sometimes a Hero is very frustrating to play against, no matter their winrate, it also doesn't represents it's fun to play as that hero, even if it's balanced.

Thanks devs for the hard work of keeping this game alive. Cheesy but true. Love reading the changes and seeing your effort through patch notes and dev comments.

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