Heroes of the Storm

Compilation of things to be fixed about this anomaly

There has been tons of threads about people disliking it. With this thread, maybe we can consolidate a list of fixes that would make the anomaly playable and tolerable, so that at least we can give this anomaly a fair chance, and give the devs some credit for the work they put into giving us this anomaly.

Please add on to this list in the comments below and I'll edit the OP.


  1. Performance issues:
    1. Fix lag and other performance issues
  2. Visual clutter
    1. Make the weather visuals and sounds optional (those who want a cool and immersive experience can leave it on, those who want less clutter can turn it off. Possibly have a slider to tweak the levels of visuals and sounds of the anomaly)
    2. Make the weather icon at the top middle of the screen optional (a separate button from the actual weather visuals, since the icon ruins the immersiveness and cool factor of the weather)
  3. Fix specific hero interactions
    1. Lightning storm should not wake sleeping targets
    2. Deathwing should benefit from all weather effects (or if he does not benefit from any he could get a buff)
  4. Fix the RNG
    1. reduce the RNG aspect of the weather (this was already done to some extent btw, in the recent patch notes, weather takes effect at start of game, 5min30, 11min30 etc)
  5. Fix camp aggro
    1. lightning storm should not aggro mercs or bosses
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Any others I am missing please feel free to comment.

I know most of you hate this anomaly right from the start but all these issues are fixable. And I think if they're fixed we can actually playtest it (without a preconceived hate) to give it a fair shot and give fair feedback to the devs to reward them for the effort put into introducing this anomaly because they wanted to shake things up and make the game more fun (which is a noble goal btw even if what they try may not necessarily be well-received)

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