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Consider a Forfeit feature for people that int

Content of the article: "Consider a Forfeit feature for people that int"

Hi, I've seen game after game of people just intentionally dying or afking and I was wondering if it would be possible to penalyze someone who intentionally dies or just afk the whole game. I think it's really hurting all the players who play the game. I want to see something to change. Maybe a forfeit feature isn't the best but something that could make both teams agree that theirs an inter in the game and maybe a remake of the game and make the guy who got voted as inter to be penalized with brawls and point rank adjustment for people who had to deal with this sort of individual. I know this might be a wall of text. Am I just trying to see the balance between the inters and afkers during the game. Something in between a Forfeit option and a non-forfeit option. I know this might be hard to do. But something needs to be done. Even in low rank theirs a lot of them and it keeps going without them being punished. As it takes many reports to go in to see if Blizzard would do anything. I hope for the growth of the game. And I think new features as this that incite players to play more rank and not make them feel bad after a game. I wouldn't like losing to a teammate like that or facing agaisn't it because it makes the game so boring. I know their is an huge playerbase right now and we're facing different ranks as it was before the new Storm League changes. I know this might sound stupid but I loved the old Hero league system as I found it more competitive instead of facing 5 man stacks or 4 man stacks or my team stacking isn't just fun and balanced on the competitive aspect. Since HGC died I know that you guys made the game more casual but I think most people who enjoy this game like winning rather than losing and it incites on many players ragequitting the game or tilt level rising. I hope for the best. The game has an unique niche of Blizzard fan made heroes and I love it. it has a unique MobA genre that no one has gone to know because of different Mobas already being in the scene such as League of Legends.

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