Heroes of the Storm

deaths in the last few seconds of a match shouldn’t count

everybody on the winning team who's still dead when the core dies should get that 1 death forgiven.

If you've won a blow-out match w 0 deaths and then as you're ripping down the enemy core you go to dance in front of the enemy spawn while your abilities are on cooldown (as is your right) & the enemy team whips out every ult they have & nuke you 2 seconds before match end, it probably shouldn't count that death.

Or even just, you & your whole team are hitting the core while the entire enemy team is dead & it gets u to low health but there's no point walking away & backing when the match is gonna be over before your hearth even completes so you just let the core kill u.

You did die, technically, but it doesnt indicate what other deaths indicate & thus isn't really a death in the same way that dying halfway thru the match is.

I'd suggest even doing the same for the losing team but there's already the issue of losing players walking into the enemy team as soon as they respawn, ruining their team's chance of a last-second comeback so that'd probably have bad repercussions

also, on the inverse; dying in the starting minute or so. At the start of the match killing a hero gives less XP than killing a wave of minions, bc the opening minutes of a match are there for you to test out how far you can extend into the enemy team without getting punished. &, if the game is gonna encourage the behavior (or admit defeat to it bc players just wont stop doing it regardless of what they do anyway lol) by having your death contribute less than a minion wave's worth of XP, then the game should account for that in some way in your death statistics — bc again, dying doesn't mean the same thing in minute 1 as it does in minute 10.

As for how it'd work, I'm not 100%. I'm thinking maybe, at the point where a hero death on your team would give as much or more XP than a wave of minions the game runs a death forgiveness check, it adds up all the hero kill XP you've given to your opponents (account for heroes w special death & XP mechanics) & if it's less than the XP the enemy team would get from killing 1 wave of minions at that very second, then it just forgives ur deaths.

So if you die once before the game declares early game is over then it's forgiven no matter what (bc of the way that math lines up), if you die multiple times, the earlier the deaths are & the longer it takes for the early game to end the more forgiving the game gets about those deaths bc — apparently those deaths weren't that impactful. if you die more than once, the faster the early game ends the less forgiving the game gets abt your deaths bc you weren't around to prevent the enemy team from rolling down one of your bases or bullying out & triple-soaking all 3 lanes. (the "your team" vs "their team" in the maths might need to be switched around to make this stuff go in the right direction btw but its 4am so)

Taking a quest that is affected by your own deaths (dying with wolf pack YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA SAY IT) or contributing to an enemy's hero kill quest (zul's 1) should exempt you from the death forgiveness check


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