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Decline in match quality over last couple weeks?

Content of the article: "Decline in match quality over last couple weeks?"

Am I the only one experiencing this? I have had the worst quality matches of my life with some of the dumbest players I have ever been cursed with recently.

Unfortunately for me, I play healer the most, and in QM to boot. So I'm cursed with babysitting these wet napkins, some who naturally have the audacity to talk shit — although I'm sure their eyes had glazed over half way through the match as they thought about balloons or something.

Some of these amazing events include, but are not limited to:

  • You had every reason to think that those bushes surrounded in Zag's creep were a dangerous place to recall, and now you're dead.

  • 8 seconds ago I pinged you to retreat from that fort that was guaranteed to die from the immortal but apparently you wanted to die 2 v 6 and now somehow it's my fault that you died alone.

  • If you keep standing still like you're lost and trying to find your way home, Li Ming is going to gun you down and take your shoes.

  • One mercenary camp bottom is not a 5 man raid boss. Please soak the other lanes.

  • While I'm glad I somehow managed to reignite your fighting spirit, just because I saved you from near death does not mean you were given an invitation turn up that anime music and to dive right the fuck back in.

  • Do not roam the god damn map by yourself and then bitch because you died via Tracer/Genji/Nova/Valeera etc. In fact, don't even roam the damn map unless you're one of those types that can actually get away. (Why does anybody even need to be told this?)

  • The Butcher is not supposed to have top damage, in fact it will be pretty shitty for awhile, and you're an idiot for expecting him to initiate all those fights, and even more so if you can see that he didn't finish his quest.

  • How mentally weak are you in real life that you call GG and feed after being the first death of the match at 5 min in?

  • For the love of all that is holy: Look. At. Your. God. Damn. Map. Just fucking look at it! It's right there! Same place! Always has been!

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Some of these people have had me staring at my screen in complete disbelief, like that old Jackie Chan meme, and god forbid if you simply ask what they're doing cause they will unleash all of their insecurities on you.

What's worse is that, prior to this, I had some of the best matches I've had in a long time with a bunch of great winning streaks. It had actually rekindled the passion I had for the game, but these last couple weeks and tonight have just snuffed it right back out. I was a fool for thinking it would get better with more winning.

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