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Do you think Jaina need a buff ?

Content of the article: "Do you think Jaina need a buff ?"

hi, Jaina used to be one of the strongest mages, she was used so much in HGC but this days she not that strong, from all the CCL matches i watched i didn't seen Jaina.

what made Jaina weaker ?

i think her Ring was very important to secure kills, rooting targets and follow up with blizzard can secure at least 2 kills for sure if she played by good players,

but now after the heroes move speed changed that made many mages weaker, the new medallion anomaly that allow players to brake up from roots so fast + the many cleanse and status talents.

i know Ring is not Jaina only heroic and many can play jaina in other ways but she depend so much on skill shoot to slow enemies and like i said before with the move speed changes and the many new tools to brake CC she become less effective, and also her last rework made her weaker hero.

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Do you think Jaona need a buff ?

for me yes i think she need some changes and if you agree with me than i will ask you this question,

How you think Jaina should be changed ? buff stats ? change talents ? or change abilities ?

for me i think she need huge changes on the 3 abilities, states and talents.

maybe diversity in the ways you can build your Jaina,

maybe a melee build with 20 blink in 7 or 13 and power up her E (cone of cold) + armor for chilling enemies.

maybe a stacks on chills the more you chill the more you slow and if chill reach 100% stacks it lead to root but as high lvl (13-16)2 talent not passive for sure because to cast Blizzard your enemy shoud be rooted or stunned but jaina have no way to lock enemies, the only way she have is on 16 but she need to chill han cast E on enemy and that easy to play around by enemies so it hard for her to use it.

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and frost bolt build that make frost bolt have addition effect like cast blizzard if you hit a target in his place or cast cone of cold from the enemy target you hit (like GM cocktail "human form E").

this is some changes i can think of that could give jaina more ways to be played and that for sure mean easy to balance her as hero but for sure balancing her builds and talents will be harder.

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