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Does anybody on the dev team actually play gazlowe? Why do these reworks (whitemane, tass) take niche heros with a unique playstyle and make them generic and lame?

Content of the article: "Does anybody on the dev team actually play gazlowe? Why do these reworks (whitemane, tass) take niche heros with a unique playstyle and make them generic and lame?"

Ok so dev team love you guys but seriously what actually is this? So gazlowe wasn't ever viable at the pro level (rip), and attracted players that like to afk push a lane. Historically he had a reputation for sucking – but people love to jump on a good hate bandwagon, and I would submit that gazlowe was just fine in most levels of play- arguably a pub stomper at lower levels. I have over 2k gazlowe games and grinded from silver to diamond 3 in one season playing a lot of gazlowe. I can't speak to the highest levels of play, but it seems to me that if anything he needed minor tweaking more than whatever this is.

First of all, lets address the notion that his baseline talent changes are buffs. Ostensibly there were cd reductions, but the scrap mechanic that used to provide 3x reduced cds is totally gone, so the net effect is that his cds are now longer, not shorter.

The e bomb is a lot easier to hit now, but the change to the detonation cooldown and stun time alone could have made him a lot more viable (if that was even necessary). Now you only get 1 second of stun, despite talents, and even at level 20 you can't stack the stuns because the extras are randomly placed instead of on top of the original. Its a worthless trap talent that makes no sense, and overall the whole build is gutted.

People seem to think that his lazer has been improved but I think the new change absolutely gutted that too. You used to be able to terrorize mobile assassins with massive range and a 50% slow, now you're just another sucker with no response to zera, tracer, genji. Even baseline you just had to sit in a bush instead of charging it in the middle of the lane and getting punished. Not to mention that its now a super generic ability, like great, another predictable midrange linear skillshot that goes out after half a second, we definitely don't have enough of those…

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Turrets, I don't even have to say anything about what happened to those.

Scrap doesnt reduce cooldowns, it only provides 25% of a turret where it used to be 40%-90% (talented), only lasts a couple seconds, doesn't drop from structures, can't be talented to drop from minions.

The only improvement is really gazlowes self sustain, but if i wanted to sit and whack people in exchange for a shield cd i would just play artanis. I guess the goal was to make gazlowe align more with the melee assassin designation, but he wasn't originally even designed as a melee assassin, he was more of a ranged dmg hybrid hero that can do melee aa's. But really who wants to play a melee assassin with no escape? The only other one is butcher and he has to have absolutely massive self sustain to pull it off.

Just like whitemane and tassadar, I feel like we had a niche hybrid hero with a high risk, high reward playstyle that required foresight and a strong understanding of the flow of teamfights that now feels more generic and boring. I play a lot of different heroes and I had kind of gotten away from gazlowe anyway (after 2k games im sure you can imagine) but its still a shame to lose so much of the essence of a unique hero all because having certain weaknesses and strengths is somehow unacceptable in a game with 89 different characters.

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