Heroes of the Storm

Does it frustrate anyone else that we see developer responses to things like fan art or other fluff but almost never see discourse on suggestions or feedback (criticism)?

It is very apparent that the developer are actively browsing here, yet it seems as though we are often just plainly dismissed.

There have been many concerns discussed about the state of the game:

  • characters like Rexxar still being untouched while maintaining absurdly high winrate
  • the continued allowance of ranked stacks in Master+ or even at all (the communication and drafting advantage is still extremely unfair)
  • the new anomaly (I haven't seen any justification as to how deterministic non-interactable mechanics such as weather belong in a competitive game when the game is not balanced around it at all. On top of that, many players such as myself literally can't play at a consistent 60 fps with the weather when I used to get 100+).

It would be nice to at least receive acknowledgment that our opinions are being considered or to hear why what seems to be the prevalent opinion about the anomaly was not considered before it went live.

And before someone comes and gives the typical "developers owe you nothing so expect nothing" defense, I also owe the developers nothing and I am getting frustrated with what I perceive as a decline in the quality of the game and even as a dedicated player my friends and I have a breaking point. It is hard to keep investing my time into the game when I can't even follow the decision making process behind the development priorities of the game and hear only chirps here and there about the development priorities of the dev team. The new anomaly didn't even get a justification in the patch notes for how it is supposed to improve the game.

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I was GM last season. I want to keep enjoying it. But lately it has felt like the focus has been entirely on putting the game on life support to keep casual existing players (allowing unbalanced matchmaking in ranked and focus on events while adding gimmicks like weather) yet keeping gold prices for heroes so high that it alienates new players and removing gold from ranked rewards. All the while neglecting the more hardcore players (perhaps under the assumption that many of the existing dedicated players are less likely to jump ship even if the game is declining?) by focusing on balancing and quality of life.

Can we at least get clarity on the decision making process?

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