Heroes of the Storm

Enough with calling everything toxic that is ment to help a draft.

1st up: Not a player who's innocent and knows when he is toxic and when not.

So yes. I know what actual toxicity is and what is not.
But… my god… people are so conceded that everything being said is toxic.

My biggest grip lately is the fact I got called toxic for legtimately asking "why?"
Enemy 1st picks tracer.
Ally right after picks Stitches. So I ask… Tracer vs Stitches .. Why?
Cause I do know stitches is not a good pick for a tank let alone vs tracer, but what is he up to? What can I add to it?
Other ally: "Don't be fucking toxic. Coordinate and adapt and shut up!"

Infact that's toxic and before you say: "But you thought it was wrong.. that's toxic.." As I know you all love to do. It's not. I know it's sub-optimal and asking is to find out if I am wrong. I litterly wanted to know what was going on.

Anyhow. It's time to stop thinking people who want to help get a good draft are toxic and focus what is truely toxic. "People who want to get you off the game"

So here's a small list of things are apperently "considerd toxic" but in reality just are ways of talking to get a win going during draft:
-Asking about a strategy.
-Asking about a questionable pick.
-Telling someone that the pick might be sub-optimal/bad/countered.
-Giving someone advice on a build (especially they asked)
-Telling someone what to go for (especially if they asked)
-Asking for information about someone's play style (yes you get called toxic for this)
-Asking someone to explain themselves when they say stuff like: "Op stuff"
-Setting up a strategy

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I urge to stop calling people toxic for doing this. Actual toxic players DO NOT CARE if they win or lose. They just hate you now.

Don't call: "Wanting to win by trying to get the best out of the team." Toxic.

Also don't say stuff like: "Focus and don't talk" during drafting. That's toxic. Drafting is the time to talk and think.
Also don't say stuff like: "I didn't ask for your advice or don't give advice and such." There is no time to ask, get a respond and then type it. That's around 6 seconds of the timer gone… 14 if slow. 4 if fast.
You don't have time to be polite in ranked. Every second during the draft can force a miss draft.

And don't look for underlying thoughts on something either. That's just being toxic yourself since you don't think someone is legitimately trying to do the best for everyone by your standards.

I know this sounds ranty, but to be honest.. I am getting tired of hearing "you are toxic cause you spoke up on a not polite tone." There is a time to be polite and a time for getting your message across.

So honeslty people.. stop feeding into this mentality of things are toxic when they AREN'T. Toxicity is something far worst then what most make out to be and it's not wanting to win the game.
Toxicity is the act of wanting someone to go away / get rid of someone by acts without using violence.
Not… telling someone this might be wrong. As the intent is to benefit all not "gtfo noob"

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