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EU Plat Zeratul “main” looking for ladder buddy(/buddies)

Content of the article: "EU Plat Zeratul “main” looking for ladder buddy(/buddies)"

This might be a long shot, but I thought it worth a try.

So I'd really like to get better with Zeratul in ranked. I've been trying to play him on the ladder, but too often the draft doesn't allow it. I usually try and lock late – even tell my team that's my plan. However, usually if I do this I will end up having to fill healer, tank or avoid picking Zeratul because we already have two or more heroes that don't come online until the late game and I don't want to just lose before level 16. If I lock early I tend to get counter-picked and also I'm not guaranteed that my team won't then pick Kel'Thuzad+Azmodan (it's happened).

The best solution I can see to this is to find one or two other players to play ranked with me who are a) cool with me playing Zeratul most games and b) happy to draft sensibly around that.

I'm currently plat 3 on my main and climbed to plat 4 on a second account that I made specifically to practice Zeratul (and a couple of other heroes), so I think my "Zeratul-MMR" is around Plat 4. However, it might be being propped up a bit by my Muradin and Yrel win rates as well, as I often have to fill with those and my win rates are decent with them, too (I also really like playing those two heroes and will fill with them quite happily e.g. on maps where Zera isn't great, or when the draft calls for it).

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I really don't want to be boosted, so ideally I'd like to play with players higher rank than I am (I think that will makes the games harder for me?). Obviously it might be a lot of ask someone to put their rank points on the line for me, though, so I get if not many people are eager to take me up on this.

Reply or DM me on the off chance you're up for this! I can be around for a couple of hours at 10:00ish (GMT, so 11 CEST) or at 14:00ish (/15:00 CEST), and can be around at about 16:00-17:00 for an hour or two most weekdays.

P.S. Sorry if I got the wrong flair for this – it wasn't clear to me what to use. I am not exactly a master redditer.

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