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Everything we know about the gnoll sounds/new teaser

Content of the article: "Everything we know about the gnoll sounds/new teaser"

Content patch predicted schedule so far:

Nov 21st (Saturday): Teaser 1

Nov 22nd (Sunday): Teaser 2

Nov 23rd (Monday): PTR

Dec 1st (Tuesday): Content patch

Source: u/gnueless AKA Gnub (creator of the Nexus Compendium) Content patch date Teasers date

Now on to the in-game teaser itself!

u/Spazzo posted this in the Wind Striders Discord server:

<CSound id="Night_Sound_Test" parent="_FX_NPC_Combat"> <AssetArray File="AssetsSoundsMercsWCMerc_Gnoll_Aggro1.wav" FacialGroup="" /> <AssetArray File="AssetsSoundsMercsWCMerc_Gnoll_Aggro3.wav" FacialGroup="" /> <Category value="Alert" /> <Pitch value="-3.000000,0.000000" /> <StopActionArray Sound="Merc_Hellbat_Vox_Move" FadeTime="20" /> <Volume value="-6.000000,-6.000000" /> <VolumeRolloffPoints Distance="10.000000" /> <VolumeRolloffPoints Distance="23.000000" Volume="-96.000000" /> </CSound>

Along with the files used for the teaser:

Merc_Gnoll_Aggro1.wav Merc_Gnoll_Aggro3.wav

Google Drive seems to have a problem with wav files, so here are the sounds converted to mp3 files.

Fan (Twitch streamer) went into try mode and heard this, pretty much confirming that this is real.

A Blizzard employee commented on a Hogger fan hero concept 23 days ago.

In the April 30th HotS dev AMA it was confirmed that the dev team was, at the time, working on more than 1 hero. I don't think it's too far fetched to say that this year will have 2 heroes.

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If anyone has any replays, or would like to contribute with a video/clip of the teaser, feel free to send me a dm here on reddit (u/twinklesunnysun), discord (✨Twinkle SunnySun✨#1278) or twitter (@TwinkleSunnySun)!

PS: Sorry for being a bit late on the post, I've been a bit busy with school and practicing my drawing :/

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