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Everything wrong about Nova

Devs are doing really good job reworking heroes and I think game is in the best spot in that matter in years. Keeping that in mind we can suspect that some day they will rework Nova also, so maybe good idea would be to write up what bother community about her, becuase there is a lot of stuff that feel so beta compared to modern heroes. I'll start and hope you guys will help me with it:

– Hero design: Sniper, good burst from range. Although Nova has good burst she lost her sniper vipe long time ago after increasing range of many heroes like Raynor, introducing Hanzo and movement speed increase. If she pick triple tap only one of her abilities is aimable whiich doesnt feel like sniper at all, Hanzo and Ana fulfill that role way better. Also she is outclassed by almost any other assasin with burst, becuase other assasins provide clear. Nova need some other advantage other than burst to keep up with rest of the roster.

– QM slayer: Becuase of nature of QM, Nova players take anvantage of point and click abilties and comps like bruiser + 4 mages. She can delete one hero even with missing her Q. I know that QM will always be clown fiesta, but Nova in current state is very popular there. She learn new people playing game incorrectly and is very uniteractive to play against, becase of point and click. In ranked where poeple dont overextend that much, soak and has proper team to protect backline she surely can be considered a troll pick.

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– Q: I dont understand why there has to be this quest attached to it. There is nothing wrong in very simple ability and this quest keep her away from using Q builds, becuase missing one snipe cut your dmg by 1/3. Isn't missing dmg enough punishment for not hitting a target? Q on 7 is IMO the most fun talent on that tier, but quest make very hard to justify picking it.

– W: Point and click dmg. Hmmmm, is it what auto attacks do? Ahhh, it has slow attached to it. Seriously, pinning shot could be easily a talent or attached to trait with label every x seconds your next AA slow target. I think Nova need some new ability on W that could allow her compete with other heroes. Maybe some CC grenade or weak wave clear. Something that would make her more useful and more internesting to play.

-E: Decoy is cool ability, but could be even better if player would have more control over it. Like Samuro turn on and off AI button could be nice . With AI turned off decoy movement could be controlled by clicking E again and decoy could mimic Nova abilites and AA's.

– Triple tap: Very uninteractive ability, point and click ult on sniper hero. It has counterplay, but it doesn't make it that less dumber. Compared to Ana's Eye of Horus that abilty feel really underwhelimg. I think some aiming would make this ability way funnier to play with and against. We have Pyrobalst already and maybe game dont need more of that kind of abilties.

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– Auto attacks: Nova has sniper rifle, but it looks more like water pistol. Even her bullets look like water drops. I think bullet should fly faster and sound of taking a shot could be more similar to rifle. Also Anti-armor shell baseline would suit her very well baseline.

– Rewind: that talent always limits design space, especialy on burst hero, becuase it can cuase 1 sec deltion of backline heroes. It has to be removed to imporove her talent tree.

If I missed something please add in comments and if you don't agree I'm open to disscusion 🙂

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