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Experienced Gazlowe players: Voice your rework opinion/concerns/Feedback here :)

Content of the article: "Experienced Gazlowe players: Voice your rework opinion/concerns/Feedback here :)"

After playing new Gaz exclusively for 2 days, I finally made a few successful builds with him. Does he feel good? Personally, feels kind of split, he feels good but at the same time bad? I'm betting it's my problems with a few of his talent choices.

For one, Robo-goblin feels unrewarding to choose at lvl 10. It doesn't feel like an ult ya know? Not only that but his lvl7 (Master Blaster) does not synergize with his lvl13 (superior schematics), I was hoping that it'd allow me to slow an entire team but it only affects 1 person. It'd be great if lvl7 (Master Blaster) turret hits also slowed instead of extending the slow duration from deth lazor and Xplodium. On that note, excluding the damage nerf, turrets feels downgraded despite the given ability to prolong my slows, increase AA damage and give me a reliable source of self sustain at lvl4 (Rock it sock it). Yes, placing turrets are a better source, this being because Deth lazor can be interrupted and causes you to stand still which can lead to your utter death. Trust me, that .6 seconds can be the the difference between life or death. Not only that but the shield you get is nearly identical to the healing of deth lazor, even while taking the death lazor talents. Lvl7 (overload) should offer more CD reduction per enemy hit .

Lvl4 (EZ-PZ Dimensional ripper) should get a shorter CD and maybe even moved to a different level just based on looking at Xul or varian which have a similar talent at 16 & 20. Running into people with it with the type of sustain Gaz has just doesn't work, especially at lvl4. Regen master or even an auto attack heal would work even better in terms of self sustain.

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Turrets are paper weights/cannon fodder if you don't talent into them. Turrets damage should also be buffed. Maybe give them 10 armor to prevent them from dying too fast. Oh, and Lvl20 (Bomb toss) doesn't feel like a lvl20 talent, replacing it with his old bomb talent that increases Xplodium radius and a 2nd charge would be better.

This is my take on him, can't wait to see what others think.

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