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famous sayings in the Nexus

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"Heroes (of the Storm) never die!" – Mercy

"Nexus, Forever!" – Black Panther

"Press Z to mount" – Press ⓧ to pay respects

"Heroes! Ready your gems and use them all…For tonight, we dine in the Nexus!" – King Leonidas (300)

"Madness……? This, is, Nexus!" – King Leonidas (300)

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the Nexus would go to pieces, I would still gather tribute." – Martin Luther

"Justice rains from the Nexus!" – Pharah

"Pass into the Nexus." – Zenyatta

"My life for the Nexus" – Protoss

"No one can hide from the Nexus" – Widowmaker

"In the beginning God created the Nexus." – Genesis 1:1

"Play Heroes of the Storm, and You will be saved, you and your spirit." – Acts 16:31

"The Nexus is my Shepherd: I shall lack nothing." – Psalms 23:1

"I can play Heroes of the Storm all day. – Captain America (Steve Rogers)

"We're the Guardians of the Nexus" – Starlord (Peter Quill)

"Heroes of the Storm shall usher you onto the Nexus" – Ouros (Starcraft 2)

"She's gone out of the Nexus" – Steelheart

"Feel the beat from the Nexus" – ABBA

"Fly me to the Nexus and let me play among the heroes" – Olivia Ong

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"Make the Nexus great again" – Donald Trump

"When (you are) in the Nexus, do as Nexus-born people do." – Proverb

"I am married to the Nexus" – Elizabeth 1st, 1558~1603

"I am the Nexus" – Louis 14th" 1643~1715

"I am the first servant of the Nexus" – Friedrich 2nd, 1740~1786

"The enemy is at the Nexus" – Japanese proverb (本能寺 – ほんのうじ)

"There is a castle on the Nexus" – Les Miserable

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