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For every week that D.Va doesn’t get a balance patch or get reworked, I’m going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. Week 8

This time last week, the season had a month left on, but time travel happened, and it's now only got a week left, so with that context, this might end up being the penultimate post, as I won't be counting PTR patches, and I reckon the rework will have a PTR. To try to get in before PTR potentially goes up in a few hours, I'm posting this now, rather than in like 5 hours time.

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Last week I put up a poll based on the knowledge I'd have a few weeks to try a complete rework, so I figured I'd do a poll to see what people wanted, and despite the season shortening and that looking less the case, I already had laid out some rework stuff(some of it partially salvaged from earlier reworks I've attempted, in both implementation and design).

For the purposes of "changes per week", I won't actually count the changes done as part of the rework, but here they are:

  • Mech Health increased from 2000 to 2330, Mech Health Regen increased to match(480s)
  • Defense Matrix is now a hold-to-target ability that slowly drains energy, think of it like a bastard mixture of Hanzo's Storm Bow(for the targeting) and Deathwing's Molten Flame(or any other energy-draining ability), it recharges at a rate of 10 per second, costs 30 per second to fire, and has a maximum charge of 100. It also now only reduces damage by 50%, and projects out further, making it less reliable for reducing melee damage, but more reliable for reducing ranged damage.
  • Self-Destruct is now a heroic ability with a 120 second cooldown.
  • Micro Missiles is a new basic ability taking the place of Self-Destruct, 9 second cooldown, works like live Defense Matrix(target a direction, fire in that direction, locked rotation), fires 18 missiles dealing 22(+4% per level) each, explodes on heroes and terrain. I think the damage might be slightly undertuned, but I'm spooked of it being too good. This is ripped straight from an earlier rework, but with retargeting removed cause that seemed a bit too bonkers. WTB LaunchFacingTurret for launching missiles.
  • Bunny Hop cooldown reduced to 60 seconds
  • Call Mech cooldown now starts at 29 seconds at level 0, increases by 1 second for each level. Closest comparison is Rexxar's Misha cooldown, which is 14 + 0.5s per level.
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Now, then onto the talents. There's only 7 of these. You'll see in some of the video bits that there's placeholder talents in there. I intend to fill all of those slots once I come up with some ideas and as the weeks happen(although it might end up being another 7 talents if the rework does happen)

  • New Level 1 Talent: Healing Matrix. Defense Matrix heals the mech for 100% of the damage it prevented to itself with Defense Matrix 0.5 seconds after Defense Matrix stops being channeled

The reason for this specific implementation is so it feels reliable in timing for both D.Va and the enemy – she has some level of control in when the heal happens through early cancellation, and a quick-thinking enemy can time their healing debuff to reduce this. The level 1 tier is completely held up by Healing-based talents

  • New Level 1 Talent: Medical Barrage. Micro Missiles heals D.Va for 50% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes

You'd think based off of the name it'd make it heal allies. This is probably just as undertuned as the damage on Micro Missiles. Balance is spooky!

  • New Level 1 Talent: Recovering Shells. D.Va's Mech heals for 35% of the damage dealt with Basic Attacks after attacking for 2 seconds, lasts 3 seconds once it has started, and is refreshed by basic attacks
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The implementation of this actually reuses the behavior handler for Self-Destruct charge. I think there might potentially be a bug here somewhere cause of that, but I only implemented this a few hours ago without any real testing beyond "yep, it works as it should"

  • New Level 4 Talent: Big Shot. Identical to Live, except the cooldown is increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds, the cooldown reduction from hitting enemy Heroes reduced from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, and the damage is reduced from 250 to 170

Well, it's not really new, but here's Big Shot, earlier than level 10, but much weaker than level 10.

  • New Level 4 Talent: MEKAfall. Same as on Live

I probably should have nerfed the range or made it increase the cooldown, but without any Call Mech CDR, it's not that spooky.

  • New Level 20 Talent: Bunny Hopper: Remove the passive movespeed reduction from the Mech, Bunny Hop now grants 20% movespeed, Bunny Hop cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.

Yeah, I'm not leaving the 20 upgrade for Bunny Hop alone. This gives the mech some pretty big mobility boosts, and reduces Bunny Hop to a CD where you can feel pretty comfortable just shooting it out there. I think this might be slightly on the weak side with the buffs given to Bunny Hop.

  • New Level 20 Talent: Bang for Buck: Each enemy Hero hit with Self-Destruct reduces its cooldown by 15 seconds.

There's a certain beauty in simplicity.

That's that for this week. There's a few known issues with this, and some future planned QoL stuff, like Defense Matrix lacking a splat indicator(though this would only appear when you hover over the ability in the ability bar), Micro Missiles lacking any splat of any kind(in lieu of this I gave the mech the wall indicator), and I think that Micro Missiles isn't properly interrupted by stuns and the like, and also doesn't displays its duration anywhere while active.

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If anyone has any talent name ideas(just names, nothing more), I need them! Coming up with talent names isn't fun.

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