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Fragments of a Once-Broken Hero: aka Yrel has some terrible talents, here’s how I think they should be fixed.

Alright, many of us probably remember Yrel's dominance after her first round of buffs early in her life. Armor stacking was rampant, and Yrel herself was a nigh-immortal team enabling machine.

A lot of things have changed since then, from many direct nerfs to Yrel and several indirect nerfs via general gameplay changes (armor stacking removal, etc). Yrel now sits as one of the lowest winrate heroes in the game, with a few talents in particular that are crying for some changes. I won't address overall balance too much here- someone has to be on the bottom after all. Instead I'll be focusing on the talents that currently exist in a "failed state". I believe a talent is has failed if it carries both the lowest winrate and the lowest pickrate on its tier; this being an indication that it is both unpopular for general use and ineffective as a niche pick. So without further ado:

Maraad's Insight, lvl 1

This one has felt like trash since they reworked it to only trigger on abilities that connect with heroes, and currently has a winrate to match. It became a trading talent rather than a true sustain talent. Unfortunately, it was much worse at enabling favorable trades than old Dauntless, and even since Dauntless' nerf they are roughly comparable on the trading front, while Dauntless still provides a huge edge in overall utility by enabling fort dives and in general doing better PvE stuff. Light of Kharabor has talent synergies on later levels and gives better value in teamfight situations where you actually are connecting all of your abilities on enemy heroes. I don't know where I would ever want to take Maraad's over one of the other options.

The easy fix: revert the "trigger only on heroes" nerf. Simple and easy, you get a true sustain option at lvl 1 again.

The fun fix: add a Battle Momentum style cooldown reduction for basic abilities when you consume the Insight stack. Suddenly you have a real contender at lvl 1, with at least a little synergy with later talents (mostly thinking Divine Favor at 16, since you'll get more basic ability casts to proc it more often). Could be difficult to balance, but there are tons of knobs (amount of CDR, only giving CDR so two of her abilities, etc). It's a flavor win too, everyone knows that lvl 1 talents with Insight in the name grant CDR.

Aegis of Light, lvl 4

Armor stacking doesn't exist anymore, remaining at it's nerfed value has left this talent languishing in disuse. Literally worthless in the solo lane where Yrel spends the majority of her earlygame, and awkward to get value out in actual teamfights.

The easy fix: Revert the nerf to the armor value. No armor stacking, no scary best-case scenario to worry about. Might as well let it be a decent amount of armor again. And/or let the armor apply to Yrel herself.

The fun fix: Instead of applying armor to nearby allies… Yrel blinds nearby enemies. Boom, suddenly Yrel has an excellent niche against AA-heavy teams, plus Aegis actually does something while Yrel is offlaning. Another flavor win too, "Aegis of Light" applying blinds is perfect.

Anyway, those are my thoughts, let me know what you think! Yrel probably has other talents/aspects of her kit that could use some love, but these two craptastic talents make me groan every time I play Yrel.


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