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Gazlowe Buff Ideas – Burning Rage? Turrets Firing Scrap?

Content of the article: "Gazlowe Buff Ideas – Burning Rage? Turrets Firing Scrap?"

Thought sharing some weird ideas for our refreshed, if weakened, tinker extraordinaire.

Introduction and Wishpectations

Current stats, sadly had to add QM for samples. Shouldn't be too reliable.

Might be way off, but I'm thinking 2-3 sec added to Scrap duration, and a 10% boost to the range of Q and/or E. 2-4 damage to Turrets, 5-10 to Basic Attacks and Lazor. I'd also like Turrets being a bit easier to get back. A bit stronger baseline, some of their best talents could then get nerfs.

Numbers can always fix balance, but there's more creative potential. Shortly after her rework, Cassia's Thrusts changed to Grounding Rod, to affect Q, making the talent spicy for every 16 talent. The best kind of synergy! Goes well with everything, isn't balanced around one thing. With Gaz, Basic Attacks overlap with Turrets, which overlap with Lazor. But he can do better.

General Creative Ideas

  • Bit more mage on Robo and melee on Gravo for diversity.
  • Robo bonus for reaching 3 stacks on Heroes.
  • Bonus for hitting 3+ Heroes with Lazor, like Heroic cd reduction.
  • Xplodium stunning structures. Sure, Mei's snowballs can blind those inside, but, wrecking crew!
  • Xplodium and/or Lazor burning the ground to boost zoning.
  • Burning Rage-esque aura. Can regain it as a Bruiser. Mech might get hot after using W or E!
  • Creating Scrap at enemies. Notably, I'd love the idea of Turrets firing Scrap.
  • Basic attacks increasing the range of the next Lazor cast.
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Base Ideas

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Ideas – Bit of Big Game Hunter baseline to make it less crucial.

  • Basic Attacks against Heroes reduce cd by 2 seconds.
  • Damaging Heroes with Basic Attacks, Deth Lazor or Xplodium Charge reduces cd by 1 sec.

Robo-Mage Boost… doesn't appear to need buffs, but for ideas' sake.

  • Basic attacks against Heroes with 3 stacks reduce your W & E cooldowns by .5 sec.

Grav-O-Punch Boost

  • Damage bonus also applies to Basic Attacks – Simple and minor!

Talent Ideas

Weird ideas to provide food for thought. I'm not listing my Dynamite ideas nor provide simple number ideas. Which, again, are just fine for fixing balance.

One Man Wrecking Crew

  • Max stacks increased to 3, get extra stack if Lazor or Xplodium hit a Hero.

Rocket Boots is fine, but if range improves baseline, reduce its bonus by 20% to add:

  • Hitting a Hero also spawns 3 Scrap at the bomb – Hybridizes build, speed helps pick 'em!
  • Hitting a Hero removes slows and/or stuns from Gazlowe.

Lazor Talent Addition

  • Hitting 3 or more Heroes reduces the cooldown of your Heroic ability by 10%.

EZ-PZ Dimensional Weaker

  • Heroes hit by Ripper and/or Lazor and/or Xplodium reduce its cd – Hybridizes with mage build.
  • Lower damage reduction, have Lazor and/or Xplodium apply it too/instead of an active.
  • EZ-PZ and Xplodium stun non-Heroes (including Structures) for 3 sec.

Positive Reinforcement only 'buffs Turrets' with BGH. Don't they also deserve mental support?

  • Every 3rd Basic Attack causes the nearest Turret to fire Scrap at it – Maybe only vs Heroes.
  • Give the above effect to Capacitors in exchange for its duration boost.
  • Basic attacks grant Turrets 20 Armor for 3 sec – Keep 'em close, keep 'em safe.
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Bomb Toss… I underestimated. Show where bombs go, rename to Mad Bomber! IF it needs buffs:

  • Spawn one more bomb behind the first, in a triangle formation.
  • Spawn one bomb at the edge of Lazorz.
  • Basic attacks splash for a duration after casting – Explosive Basic Attack buff.
  • Deal damage around you after casting. If a hero is hit, boost area and damage.
  • Bombs burn the area for 100% damage over 3 sec.
  • Remove cd reduction from Reaktor and add 3 seconds here – Reaktor already dominates its tier. Imagine if Turrets are buffed! If too nerfed, could get the 'spawn 3 Scrap with Hero hit' effect.

That's all! Followup on my threads on old and new Gazlowe.

Quick TL;DR of those: Gaz lost cd reduction, Turret and PvE power so Lazor, Xplodium and Basic Attacks could be reliable without talents/heroics. He's a unique bruiser lacking engage, but with mage abilities that provide ranged aoe lifesteal and stuns without demanding hard engage.

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