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Genji has one of the worst talent diversities in game

Content of the article: "Genji has one of the worst talent diversities in game"

Yes we all know he needs minor buffs, but lets talk about his talents for now:

Im a level 250 Genji Player (all accounts together) in Diamond Eu.

Id consider myself a rather skilled Genji Player. This is my to go built:

There is nothing wrong with having a favorite built. But i dont think it is intended that you have to pick certain talents because the other competing talents in this tier are just so bad:

  • Shingan like 95% of my games; Way of Shimada if i have to play super safe, still hate it though
  • Final Cut always
  • Ult upgrade at 20 always (i literally never, not even once, skilled the q upgrade in a ranked game)
  • Swift as the Wind always (Personal Pref as we have a good sololaner in our 5 man)
  • Strike At The Heart always (The quest got Genji i meant Ninja nerfed with the 5 seconds CD increase (really liked it before 📷 ) dragonclaw is just a pain in the cyborg *** to load)
  • 80/20%: Perfect Defense/Augmented Guard

And this is not just my personal preference, if you look at hots logs, there are e.g. talents with 74% pickrate vs 3,8% (tier 1).
https://www.hotslogs.com/Sitewide/HeroDetails?Hero=Genji filtered after Platinum-Master, last 2 patches

Just compare this to Hanzo, Valla, Malfurion. When i play malf i can change my built accordingly to how well the round goes. With Genji, if you go Dragon Claw you have to go perfect defense. If you went agurmented Guard you cant take the deflect talents at 16 and 20.
1 choice at 16 and 20 is no choice at all.

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Rant about Genji needing buffs

With all his weaknesses (no waveclear, no camp taking power, no sustain, no cc etc.), shouldnt Genji be a absolute Team fight and PvP monster? well he isnt. you cant trade your trait for etc stun anymore (pls revert the 5 sec nerf on his trait), most dds just outtrade you; it is really hard to play Genji perfectly (always triggering shingan wihtout dying) and solo q is almost impossbile with genji (he relies on his team way to hard, if i had Dollar for how many times i lost games because no one in my team bothered to kick that 3 man mosh which i doged); if you look at WINRATES, even in his first iteration he didnt overperform, not even in pro leauge, even if he got his full mobility back he wouldnt hit 50% winrate; why are we balancing heores aorrund pro leauge, if pro leauge is gone, how comes genji never gets picked in the pro leauge right now; he was annoying to play against? well that is also alarak, ktz, whatever and alarak has way less conterplay and way more talent diversity

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