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Hero Concept Algalon, The Observer

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(Trait) Constellation – Using a basic ability causes Algalon to spawn a Star that will link with a previously placed nearby Star.

Each Star lasts 20 seconds.

Algalon gains 20% movement speed while traveling along a Starlink.

(Q) Quantum Strike – Strike with your fist, sending a narrow burst of cosmic energy in the target direction.

Quantum Strike can be considered either Spell Damage or Physical Damage, depending on Algalon's current Plane (E).

8 second cooldown.

Star is spawned at Algalon's location.

(W) Anomaly – Tear a hole in the fabric of reality at the target location, damaging enemies and slowing them by 30% while they remain near the Anomaly.

Enemies in range of the Anomaly when it is spawned are swapped to the direct opposite side of the Anomaly (like a mini Phase Prism).

12 second cooldown. Lasts 3 seconds.

Star is spawned at Anomaly's location.

(E) Planar Shift – Shift planes, granting yourself 30 Spell Armor but reducing your Physical Armor by 10, or vice versa.

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Algalon heals for a portion of the damage he deals that matches his current Planar Type.

8 second cooldown on toggle.

Star is spawned at Algalon's location.

(R1) Big Bang – After a 4 second channel, cause a massive explosion to occur at your location that then expands outwards in a ring, damaging all non-structure enemies it hits.

Big Bang will create a permanent Star at the location of any enemy Hero it hits.

Deals less damage the further away enemies are from the central explosion. Explosion eventually covers entire map.

120 second cooldown.

(R2) Singularity – Consume all active Stars, gaining Singularity for 2 seconds, plus an additional 2 seconds for each Star consumed.

While in Singularity you gain your Starlink movement speed, 35% increased attack speed, and each instance of damage you deal to an enemy strips 5 of their Spell Armor or Physical Armor (based on your current Plane), granting it to you for the remainder of Singularity.

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80 second cooldown.

Passive: Star duration increased to 30 seconds.

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