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[Hero Concept] D2 Paladin

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Hello everyone

Since the role reword I have allways felt there are too little support heroes. Especially after the Tassadar rework (even tough it's successfull). I think some heroes (probius, yrel) could be reworked to support but it's not likely to happen, so just for fun I've made this hero concept of Diablo 2's Paladin, sadly he does not yet have a name lorewise.

He is a sturdy frontline warrior who excells at saving allies and bestowing bonuses upon them.

(D) Aura (cd 1s)

The paladins trait is an aura which can be switched between an offensive (fanaticism) and defensive mode. (think lucio heal/speed ability)

  • All affected allies gain 15% attack speed and 15% vision radius
  • All affected allies gain 10 armor, while not receiving damage for more than 1 second, each ally gains a shield equal to 100HP/second, up to 300.

(Q) Smite (cd 6s)

The paladin charges any enemy, knocking it back a short distance and stunning it for .5 seconds. Deals moderate damage.

(W) Sacrifice (cd 9s)

The paladin jumps to an allied hero, making that hero invulnerable for 1 second. During this 1 second, the paladin is immobile but gains 75 armor.

(E) Holy cleansing (cd 18s)

The paladin chants a holy prayer, affecting all nearby allied heroes. All DoT effects are instantly removed, while all other negative effects have a 50% duration cut for the next 2 seconds.

(R1) Aura mastery (cd 70s)

For the next 10 seconds, the effects of the active aura are greatly enhanced.

  • D1 Allies also gain 15% spell power and 25% lifesteal
  • D2 Allies instantly gain a 300 point shield for the next 4 seconds. If the shield breaks, nearby enemies are stunned for .5 seconds.

(R2) Fist of the heavens (cd 80s)

Target an enemy hero, after .5 seconds, it is struck by a holy beam of light which damagas and stuns. After impact it spreads like a nova in all directions, slowing all enemy heroes hit by 50%.

Think poison nova, but cast from a target enemy.

Now this may be terribly imbalanced, I haven't really tought any numbers through. Hope you still like it tough, let me know what you think.

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