Heroes of the Storm

Hero concept: Lei Shen, The Thunder King (Tank)


Lei Shen. A high health warrior that controls the battlefield by manipulating enemy Heroes' movement space, and creating minions from lightning. Not dealing with his minions makes life increasingly difficult for the enemy team.

Basic abilities:

Q) Lightning Whip – 7 second cooldown – 35 mana

Lei Shen cracks his whip to the ground, dealing mild to moderate damage to all enemies in a cone in front of him and slowing them by 30% for 1.5 seconds. Leaves scorch marks on the ground for 7 seconds that deal light damage to enemies every 0.3 seconds.

W) Diffusion Chain – 12 second cooldown – 60 mana

Blast lightning in a thin line in a chosen direction, dealing mild damage to the first enemy Hero hit. If a Hero is hit by Diffusion Chain, it will automatically bounce to 2 additional nearby enemies, prioritizing Heroes, and spawn a Diffusion minion at the location of each Hero that is hit. Diffusion minions are immobile enemies that will themselves cast Diffusion Chain on a random nearby Hero every 9 seconds. Additional Diffusion minions cannot be created this way.

E) Overcharge – 10 second cooldown – 50 mana

Root an enemy Hero in place for 1.5 seconds. After this time, a ring of lightning expands outwards, dealing mild to moderate damage to any enemies affected and rooting them for 0.5 seconds.

Heroic abilities:

R1) Violent Gale Winds – 60 second cooldown – 80 mana

After 1 second, Lei Shen becomes Unstoppable and channels Violent Gale Winds for up to 7 seconds in a given direction, in a large area around himself. Allies running with the wind have their movement speed increased by 30%. Enemies running against the wind have their movement speed reduced by 70%.

R2) Fusion Slash – 70 second cooldown – 80 mana

After 1.5 seconds, make a thunderous slash in a short area in the target direction. Enemy Heroes within the area at the end of the cast will take a large amount of damage and be knocked back a long distance.


Ball Lightning – Passive

Taking damage grants Lei Shen electrical charges. Enemy minion and mercenary hits grant 1 charge, and enemy Hero basic attacks and abilities grant 8 charges. At 50 charges Lei Shen automatically summons a Ball Lightning with low-to-medium health on top of a nearby enemy, prioritizing Heroes. Summoning a Ball Lightning deals a small amount of damage in the area and reduces Lei Shen’s damage taken by 5% until it is killed, up to a maximum of 40%. Ball Lightning will jump to nearby enemies every 1.5 seconds, prioritizing Heroes, dealing light damage to them when doing so.


Level 1:

  1. (Q) Quest: Scorch Heroes 250 times with Lightning Whip’s scorch marks. Reward: Lightning Whip gains a second charge
  • 2) (Q/Passive) Each Hero hit with Lightning Whip increases the damage of Lei Shen’s next basic attack by 30%, up to 150%
  • 3) (W) Diffusion Chain’s cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds and it bounces to 1 additional enemy

Damage tier

Level 4;

  1. (Q) Enemy Heroes standing in a scorch mark from Lightning Whip take 3% less healing, up to 30%. Lasts 4 seconds.
  • 2) (E) Increase the range and speed of Overcharge’s expansion by 40%
  • 3) (Active) Active ability: Jolt an allied Hero, increasing their movement speed by 15% and cooldown reduction speed by 25% for 5 seconds. 30 second cooldown
  • 4) (Passive) Gain 1 electrical charge for every 50 (+4% per level) damage dealt with basic attacks

Utility tier

Level 7:

  1. (W) When a Diffusion minion dies, Lei Shen heals for 2% of his maximum health. Gambit: Each enemy Hero hit by Diffusion Chain heals Lei Shen for 3% of his maximum health. Reduced by 0.6% for each death. This effect also applies when Diffusion minions cast Diffusion Chain
  • 2) (Active) Active ability: Create two Ball Lightnings at the target location. 20 second cooldown
  • 3) (Passive) Creating a Ball Lightning permanently increases Lei Shen’s health by 4.

Defensive tier

Level 13:

  1. (E) Enemy Heroes hit by Overcharge’s expansion are now stunned for 0.25 seconds, increasing to a maximum of 1.25 seconds the further away they are from the center
  • 2) (Passive) If a Ball Lightning is killed by an enemy Hero, they are affected by Static for 8 seconds. If two Heroes with static come into contact they are both stunned for 0.75 seconds
  • 3) (Q/Passive) Basic attacks against Heroes slowed by Lightning Whip increase the slow by 5% and set the duration to 2 seconds. If this slow reaches 50% Lei Shen’s next basic attack consumes the slow and deals 75% additional damage.

CC tier

Level 16:

  1. (W) Diffusion Chain casts from Diffusion minions can now create Diffusion minions
  • 2) (E) Quest: Every Hero rooted by Overcharge’s expansion increases its damage by 15, with no upper limit. Reward: After rooting 10 Heroes with Overcharge’s expansion, its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds
  • 3) (Passive) Hitting an enemy Hero with Lightning Whip, Diffusion and Overcharge within 3 seconds of each other increases Lei Shen’s attack speed by 75% for 8 seconds
  • 4) (Passive) While Lei Shen has 6 or more Ball Lightning active, he gains 20% movement speed

Power spike tier

Level 20:

  1. (R1) Enemy Heroes are silenced while they remain within Violent Gale Winds, and their vision range is gradually reduced down to a minimum of 30% of regular vision over 2 seconds. After exiting the winds, their vision remains impaired for 4 seconds.
  • 2) (R2) Fusion Slash immediately summons 4 Ball Lightning at Lei Shen’s location. If an enemy Hero is damaged by a fort, keep, or core within 3 seconds of being hit by Fusion Slash, its cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds and 4 additional Ball Lightning are summoned at the enemy Hero’s location
  • 3) (Active) Active ability: Crashing Thunder strikes the location of all living Ball Lightning, destroying them sequentially and dealing moderate-to-high damage to any enemy within a short range. 90 second cooldown. Cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds every time a Ball Lightning is summoned
  • 4) (W) Diffusion minions can no longer be killed by enemies, but will automatically die after 40 seconds

Big boy upgrades for the Thunder King tier


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