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Hero Concept: Shapeshifting Druid

Content of the article: "Hero Concept: Shapeshifting Druid"

Fandral Staghelm (not gonna lie, kind of picked a druid at random, there may be a better option).

Warcraft, flex hero, shapeshifting druid.

I woke up this morning with an idea, and I created this all in about an hour, while doing some other stuff. So might be a bit of a rough outline, but here we go.

Basic Abilities:

Q: Pounce. Charge at an enemy, dealing some damage, and transforming into a cat. Five second cooldown.

W: Incapacitating Roar. After 0.5 seconds, stun nearby enemy heroes for 1 second, and transform into a bear. 12 second cooldown.

E: Rejuvenation. Heal an allied hero for 200 over 12 seconds, and transform into your natural form. 8 second cooldown.

Z: Travel Form. Instantly transform into a cheetah, increasing movement speed by 30%.

Trait: Shapeshifter. Your abilities change your form, removing roots. Bear form grants 40 armor, Cat form grants 30% attack damage and 30% attack speed, and your natural form has a ranged attack.

1: Transform into a cat. Any shapeshift puts this on a five second cooldown.

2: Transform into a bear. Any shapeshift puts this on a five second cooldown.

3: Revert to your natural form. Any shapeshift puts this on a five second cooldown.

Talents – Level 1

Swipe: Replaces Roar. Deal damage in an area, and transform into a cat.

Barkskin. Replaces roar. Usable in any form. Give an allied hero 20 armor for five seconds.

Grasping Roots. Replaces Roar. Channel for 0.5 seconds, then root a target hero for 2 seconds, dealing a little damage. Transform into your natural form.

Booming Roar: Intimidating Roar is instant, and stuns for 1.5 seconds.

Level 4

Prowl: While in cat form, if you stand still for 2 seconds you turn invisible. Invisibility breaks if you use an ability, shapeshift, or take damage.

Wild Charge: your travel form becomes targetable, causing you to dash forward before transforming.

Flourish: Doubles the duration of rejuvenation and frenzied regeneration, reduces their cooldown by 2 seconds, and increases the dodges from lighting reflexes to four attacks.

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Intimidate: Basic attacks while in bear form reduce the targets damage by 30% for five seconds, and lower the cooldown of roar, swipe, barkskin, and grasping roots by one second.

Level 7

Stinging Swarm: Replaces Pounce. Deals damage over time to a target, and causes their next 2 basic attacks to miss. Transform into your natural form. Passive: increases natural form attack damage by 15% and range by 1.

Feral Charge: Replaces Pounce. Charge at an enemy, dealing damage and stunning it for 0.5 seconds, and transform into a bear.

Feline Swiftness: Increases movement speed while in cat form by 15%.

Level 10

R1: Sunfire. After 0.75 seconds, deal damage in an area, and transform into a moonkin, increasing your spell power by 30%. Anything that transforms you into your natural form now transforms you into a moonkin. 6 second cooldown. Moonkin: gain 30% spell power, and basic attacks in moonkin form reduce the cooldowns of all abilities by 0.5 seconds.

R2: Incarnation. For ten seconds, gain the armor from bear form, attack speed and damage from cat form, and attack range from your natural form. Counts as all three forms, and gains the effect of all talents.

R3: Tree of Life: Transform into the tree of life for 15 seconds, instantly casting rejuvenation on all nearby allies and increasing your healing by 50%. This counts as your natural form, but shapeshifting into any other form will end the effect.

Lvl 13

Frenzied Regeneration. Replaces Rejuvenation. Heal self for 400 over 6 seconds, and transform into a bear. 20 second cooldown. Basic attacks in bear form reduce the cooldown by 1 second.

Lightning Reflexes: Replaces Rejuvenation. Dodge the next two incoming basic attacks, and transform into a cat. Basic attacks while in cat form reduce this cooldown by 1 second.

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Swiftmend: While rejuvenation is on cooldown you can recast it on an allied hero to consume rejuvenation on them, instantly healing for half of the remaining amount and transforming into your natural form. Doing so reduces the cooldown of rejuvenation by 3 seconds. Swiftmend has a 3 second internal cooldown.

Lvl 16

Starfire: Your natural form basic attacks deal spell damage, and 30% additional damage over time.

Rip: Cat form abilities and basic attacks deal additional 20% damage over time and lower the target’s armor by 5, stacking up to four times.

Brambles: Deal 30 damage to nearby enemy heroes each time they damage you while in bear form.

Level 20

Solar Beam: Your sunfire hits create a solar beam that lasts for 2 seconds and silences enemy heroes.

Force of Nature: Incarnation lasts for 20 seconds, and increases damage and healing by an additional 20%.

So, without any talents, you can put a heal over time on yourself, pounce in and attack. If you pop your roar, you stun enemies, and gain armor, but you lose damage until you can pounce again. Has some sustain, dps, and tankiness. So good for an offlaner, can peel alright, has armor for tanking (but low hp to balance). But you can build in various different ways.

You can build cat form, so you can pounce in and cleave, clearing waves and dealing damage over time. You can chase with extra movement speed, and ambush from stealth.

You can build bear, going tanky. You don’t do much damage, but you have decent self healing, lower opponent’s damage, and you have some CC.

You can build healing, getting barkskin to give allies armor, putting up some heals over time, and emergency healing with swiftmend. You can gain extra spellpower for healing from moonkin form, or go treeform for a burst of heals on your team, being able to swiftmend every three seconds for big heals.

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Or you can go spell damage / ranged auto attack. Take moonkin form for extra spell power, enhancing your basic attacks with starfire, dotting with that and stinging swarm, and dropping solar beams all over your enemies.

There’s also a lot of possible hybrid builds, depending on what you need and how you want to play, and I left the two remaining level 20 talent slots open because there are tons of possibilities. Super versatile (maybe too versatile), but that’s the way druids always were. I like the way many of the talents actually change what abilities are available; that’s the concept I started with and went from there. Naturally, druids fit that style.

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