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Hero Concept Vex – Nexus original

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Nexus original

Create the most vexing (see what I did there?) hero yet. Not OP in the sense that he kills things immediately, but rather OP and incredibly annoying to deal with. Think of early Yasuo from LoL.

Health: 1,700 (same as Genji)

AA range: 5.5

AA per second : 1.00

AA damage: 132 (same as Genji)

Whenever Vex moves, including via involuntary causes (such as knockbacks, Stiches' hook, Garrosh's toss, etc.), Vex becomes un-targetable for 0.25 seconds. 0.5 seconds cooldown. Using basic abilities will trigger this effect even if it is on cooldown.

Why this is vexing: This screws up targeting against him. Also breaks Stitches hook and KTZ's chains. Lets him simply run through Tassadar's walls when activated. Stuff like that.

Dash towards the targeted location up to 14 range away (can target anywhere from 0 to max range). Deals 120 (+4%) damage to all enemies in your path. Heroes in your way who are not already marked will be marked for 6 seconds. If at least 1 hero is marked during this cast, then the cooldown is instantly refreshed. 10 seconds cooldown.

Why this is vexing: Doesn't do a lot of damage but lets him dash all over the place as long as he hits an unmarked hero with each dash. Once all heroes are marked, he cannot refresh until the marks are consumed or timed-out. Try targeting him like this while keeping in mind his trait effect.

Dash towards the targeted location up to 5.5 range away (can target anywhere from 0 to max range). Consume marks to deal 80 (+4%) damage to all targets marked by and pull them towards your casting location while you move to the targeted location. All enemies pulled this way are stunned for 0.5 seconds and an additional 0.1 second for each hero pulled this way. Can pull through walls. 12 seconds cooldown.

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Why this is vexing: This is basically Maiev 2.0. through target -> reset itself -> back to your team -> for cross-country pull. Fantastic wombo-combo setup if you the entire enemy team.

Create a thin wall (thin version of Tassadar's wall) that nullifies all effects if this wall exists between the caster and the effect or target. Units can still move through it. Lasts 3 seconds. 16 seconds cooldown.

Why this is vexing: If this wall is in between the enemy and the target or effect, it nullifies everything. Basic attacks, aoe effects, projectiles, hearthing etc. Drop this in front of ETC during mosh and allies behind the wall are suddenly free. Drop this between Gul'dan and Rain of Destruction and RoD will stop. Drop this in between Zarya and Graviton Surge and GS will stop. Drop this in front of Butcher/Diablo charge and they will stop. At any time this wall is between Ragnaros and his Lava Wave, the LW will disappear. You get the idea.

Activate to refresh and and temporarily change both of their max cooldown to 0.3 seconds. Hitting heroes with who are already marked by during this time will cause them to explode for 60 (+4%) damage and refresh the mark. Lasts 6 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown

Why this is vexing: Notice that has no indicated limit to how far heroes can be pulled – only that it will pull them to Vex's location when he casts . You can either QWQWQWQW to keep tugging a perma-stunned target back and forth, or QQQQQ to Narnia and them over. Also remember that his trait triggers on ability casts regardless of its cooldown status.

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Activate to create an aura (as big as Kharazim's SSS) around yourself for 1.25 seconds. Any time an allied hero is damaged by an enemy hero, mark that enemy hero with regardless of where they are. Damage received by Vex and his allies within this aura are staggered over 1.25 seconds after the effect ends. 30 seconds cooldown.

Why this is vexing: Includes damage done by dots, damage from Abathur's hat/mines, Mephisto's Consume Souls etc. Can be used to delay killing blows to allies, or to pull enemy squishies who try to be cheeky. You can pop this, purposely step into Abathur's mines, and yoink him across the map to you. Enemy mages try to poke? Pop this and purposely eat the poke, then yoink them into your team.

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