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Hero Concept – Wc3 Ghoul

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GhouliusTimmy the Ghoul – Melee Assassin

Timmy’s basic attacks are strong and average speed(~1/sec).

D – Ghoulish Hunger – Passive: Timmy’s attacks heal him for 1% of attack damage dealt per 1% of his missing hp. Passive: Timmy has no mana. His abilities instead cost hp.

Q – Pounce – Timmy leaps a short distance. If he makes a basic attack against a hero within one second of landing, Pounce’s cooldown is reduced by five seconds. Costs ~2% of Timmy’s max hp. 10s cooldown.

W – Unholy Frenzy – Timmy’s next basic attack against a hero begins a frenzy that lasts four seconds. While frenzied, each successive heroic basic attack grants Timmy +15% attack damage, up to a maximum bonus of 60%. Attacks against heroes reset the frenzy's duration. Costs ~7% of Timmy’s max hp. 16s cooldown.

E – Fester – Toggle an aura that deals constant damage to all nearby enemies. Costs ~0.5% of Timmy’s max hp per second. 1s toggle cooldown.

R1 – Cannibal Corpse – Timmy becomes unkillable for three seconds, his abilities cost no hit points during this time, and all healing he would receive during this time is delayed until the effect ends. Costs no hp. 60s cooldown.

R2 – Zombie Bite – Timmy leaps onto a nearby enemy, latching onto them and attacking them continuously. The enemy takes heavy damage over time, is slowed by 15%, is grounded,* and drags Timmy with them for four seconds. Costs no hp. 15s cooldown.

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