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Hero Rework Updating Greymane.

Content of the article: "Hero Rework Updating Greymane."

Quick Description

  • Darkflight has been changed and has new functionalities.
  • Greatly improve Greymane's Talent Tree and possibilities during the game, as it has been designed as a super versatile Hero. Bring back some old talents.
  • Quest added on Go for the Throat!
  • A new build based on Razor Sweep and Physical Damage.


  • Basic Attack Damage reduced from 148 (+4% per level) to 137 (+4% per level).

This change reduces the damage of its Basic Attack at level 20 from 325 to 300, in Human Form.

  • Maximum Health reduced from 1876 (+4% per level) to 1772 (+4% per level).
  • Health Regeneration reduced from 3.91 (+4% per level) to 3.69 (+4% per level).


  • Curse of the Worgen (Trait)
    • Armor while in Worgen Form increased from 10 to 15.

I wanted to nerf its sustain while in Human Form because Greymane is super tanky for a Ranged Assassin (much more than Valla), without reducing its sustain while in Worgen Form. According to math:

1876/0.9 = 2085

1772/0.85 = 2085

So its sustain while in Worgen Form has not been reduced, excluding % based damage.

  • Gilnean Cocktail (Q Human)
    • As long as Greymane is in Worgen Form, the cooldown of Gilnean Cocktail will be shown on Default Hotkey (1).

This is just a simple confort change.

  • Inner Beast (W)
    • Added Functionality:
      • After Inner Beast has been active for 3 seconds, grants 10% Movement Speed.
      • !Quest: Hit enemy Heroes with your Basic Attacks 100 times. Worgen Basic Attacks count as 4 Basic Attacks.
      • !Reward: Increase Gilnean Cocktail’s explosion length by 10%.

Greymane struggles a lot to chase its target (at least, before level 13), compared with other Assassins, they almost all have a Movement Speed bonus or a Dash to compete their goal, but Darkflight has the same range as its Basic Attack (5.5 meters), which means if you're not in range of Basic Attacking your target, you won't be able to chase it anymore, that's why this slight Movement Speed buff has been added. About the Reward on Gilnean Cocktail, I wanted to add a way to increase the explosion length as it was possible a long ago.

  • DarkFlight / Disengage (E)
    • Reworked:
      • Human Form: Shapeshift into a Worgen, leap at an enemy and instantly trigger your next Basic Attack to the target, dealing 175 Physical Damage (+4% per level).
      • Worgen Form: Roll away and shapeshift into a Human. For 3 seconds after using Disengage, Gilnean Cocktail’s explosion damage deals 10% bonus damage.
      • Cooldown: 5 seconds. Mana Cost: 25.

  • Razor Sweep (Q Worgen)
    • Damage reduced from 126 (+4% per level) to 114 (+4% per level).
    • Added functionality:
      • Reduce the cooldown by 1 second if you hit a Hero and cause your next Basic Attack to strike instantly.

Razor Sweep used to have 3 seconds cooldown. Blizzard increased it to 4 second to "reduce Greymane's effectiveness when taking Mercenaries and clearing Minion waves" but this change also reduced its power during Teamfight that's why this mechanic has been added. About the instant Auto-Attack, it adds some skill to it.

  • Go for the Throat (R1)
    • Damage increased from 355 (+4% per level) to 390 (+3% per level).
    • Added functionality:
      • !Quest: Each time a Hero is killed, increases Go for the Throat Damage by 5, killing a Hero with Go for the Throat increases its damage by 20.
      • !Reward: Each time you gain 20 bonus damage, you can use once again Go for the Throat on an enemy if you killed the previous one with it, up to 100 damage (or 5 resets).
      • !Reward: After reaching 100 bonus damage, increase Go for the Throat range by 20%. (old range).
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As Last Rites is an Ult with a Baseline Quest and has the same goal as GFTT (kill with it), it was logical to add a Quest as well. This change isn’t directly a up, you deal the same damage at level 10, and you will lose power over time. If you complete the quest, you will have more damage than you currently have at level 20.

  • Cursed Bullet (R2)
    • Added functionality:
      • Heroes hit by Cursed Bullet receive 50% reduced healing for 3 seconds.

Cursed Bullet is underwhelming compared to GFTT, Blizzard changed its damage from 35% to 40% and vice versa many times, but not finding the right balance, I think it's better to add another mechanic that follow the original design of this ult: Lockdown quickly a target.


  • Level 1
  • Incendiary Elixir (Q Human)
    • Moved from level 7.
    • Talent reworked:
      • !Passive: Increases Gilnean Cocktail’s range by 20% and refunds 25 Mana if it hits an enemy Hero.
      • !Quest: Every time Greymane hits an enemy Hero with the explosion of Gilnean Cocktail, its explosion damage increases by 20, up to 300.
      • !Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes, Gilnean Cocktail reveals enemy Heroes for 8 seconds (Old talent “Scented Tincture” back).

I think it's a way better Game Design to put Quests at level 1, that's why it has been moved. An old talent underwhelming has been brought back as well: Scented Tincture.

  • Wolfheart (W)
    • Description adapted, effect remains unchanged:
    • As long as Inner Beast is activated, each Basic Attack reduces its cooldown by 1 second instead of 0.5 seconds.
    • Added functionality:
      • Inner Beast causes Basic Attacks to restore 7 Mana, up to 140.

  • Viciousness (W)
    • Added functionality:
      • !Passive: After Inner Beast has been active for 3 seconds, Mana regeneration is increased by 50%.

  • New talent: Furious Sweep (Q Worgen / W)
    • Your next Basic Attack after hitting an enemy Hero with Razor Sweep deals 15% more damage.
    • Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Inner Beast by 2 seconds if not activated and on cooldown.
    • !Passive: Reduce Razor Sweep and Inner Beast Mana cost by 20.
    • !Passive: Razor Sweep deals Physical Damage instead of Spell Damage.

Level 1 talents now all grant Mana Regeneration, which leaves the Level 4 open to add new mechanics and improve its talent tree.

  • Level 4
    • Thick Skin (E)
      • New functionality:
    • Eyes in the Dark (E)
      • Removed.

Thick Skin and Eyes in the Dark have the same goal: Protect Greymane from Basic Attacks (as Stealth prevents enemies from Right-Clicking on you), that's why both talents have been combined into a single one.

  • Insatiable (W)
    • Removed.

Insatiable have been combined with Wolfheart, that's why it has been removed.

  • New talent: Anti-Magical Veil (Q Human)
    • If you touch an enemy Hero with the splash of Gilnean Cocktail, grants 40 Spell Armor against the next enemy Ability, and subsequent Abilities for 2 seconds. This bonus is not lost when shapeshifting into Worgen Form.

  • New talent: Inner Breath (W)
    • Inner Beast heals for 15% of your Physical Damage dealt once it has been active for 3 seconds, increased to 20% while in Worgen Form.

  • New talent: Relentless Predator (Trait) (Old talent)
    • Activate to become Unstoppable for 1 second. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
    • !Passive: Increase your Armor while in Worgen Form from 15 to 20.

Relentless Predator was a "Relentless-" like talent. This generic talent has the following effect: "Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, and roots against your Hero by 50%." and Relentless Predator used to reduce the duration by 75%, but this kind of talents have been removed because Blizzard said "it wasn't clear to the enemy team what was happening. Reducing the duration on very short disabling effects to begin with was hard to notice, and typically felt like a bug when it did happen." though, I wanted to bring back this talent to give more versatility to Greymane. I mush admit that a Self-Cleanse is very powerful, and I could have just create something like that "Being Stunned or Rooted increases the Armor granted by Curse of the Worgen to 50", but I'd like to allow Player to "Pre-Cleanse" an incoming CC, like a Hook or a kind of CC that is unaffected by Relentless talents, like Temporal Loop.

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I've changed its Level 4 so that every talents grant him a lot of sustain, and granted to him almost anything he could asks for. This design follows the logic of a very versatile Hero, being able to fulfill the job of a Ranged and Melee Assassin.

  • Level 7
    • Quicksilver Bullets (Passive Human)
      • Deleted.

  • New talent: Marked for the Kill (Active)
    • Greymane shapeshifts into a Human and fires a bullet that hits the first enemy Hero in its path, dealing 68 damage (+4% per level) and for 5 seconds their Armor is lowered by 25.
    • Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Old Ultime back as talent, as Sylvanas Possession or Lucio Reverse Amp.

  • Perfect Aim (Q Human)
    • Moved from level 1.
    • New functionality: Perfect Aim (Q Human / E)
      • Hitting an enemy Hero with the splash of Gilnean Cocktail reduces both cooldown of Darkflight and Gilnean Cocktail by 4 seconds.
      • !Passive: Disengage increases the damage of Gilnean Cocktail for an additional 2 seconds.

I wanted to add the possibility for a Greymane player going for Cocktail build to feel free to shapeshift into Human Form and quickly be able to be back into Worgen Form if necessary, this talent fills perfectly this Design and allows players to change more frequently between both forms which allows to do "Disengage + Gilnean Cocktail + Darkflight" very quickly.

  • Wizened Duelist (Trait)
    • Adjusted functionality:
      • Every stacks of Wizened Duelist increases your Physical Damage by 1%, and not only Basic Attacks.

  • Level 13
    • Running Wild (E)
      • New functionality:

It was way more logical to combine Quicksilver Bullets and Running Wild as Greymane's Human Basic Attacks have the same range as Darkflight and Disengage, without counting the fact that Quicksilver Bullets is an underwhelming talent at level 7.

  • On the Prowl (W)
    • New functionality: On the Prowl (W/Mount)
      • After Inner Beast has been active for 3 seconds, increase the Movement Speed bonus from 10% to 25%.
      • While Inner Beast is active, Mounting is instant.

I wanted to give something special to "On the Prowl", and I thought that granting Instant Mount was a good idea, considering the fact that Cassia has the same thing.

  • Level 16
    • Eager Wolf (W)
      • Eager Wolf’s effect activates after Inner Beast has been active for 3 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
      • Added functionality:

This talent has been slightly up by reducing its Activation Delay by 1 second and has now a new mechanic which rewards Players able to keep Inner Beast activated for a long duration. In addition to that, it suits perfectly to the Game Design of the spell.

  • Executioner (Passive)
    • Deleted.

Executioner has been deleted because (as Samuro) Greymane is never able to activate it by its own (unlike Raynor, Sylvanas or Orphea, who have a Slow linked to the talent) and I needed to bring back an old talent, just below.

  • New talent: Concentrated Blast (Q Human) (Old talent)
    • While Inner Beast is active, Basic Attacks increase the damage of Gilnean Cocktail splash by 6%, up to 30% until Inner Beast ends.
    • !Passive: Increase Disengage bonus for Gilnean Cocktail from 10% to 15% bonus damage.
      • Those effects cumulate up to 45% bonus damage.
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Here's the old "Concentrated Blast": Increases Gilnean Cocktail's damage by 80% while Inner Beast is active. This talent was the finisher talent for Q Build but as been removed for… a reason I guess. Anyway, I wanted to bring it back and make it a bit more skilled than it was before.

  • Level 20
    • Unleashed (R1)
      • New functionality:

The old "Unleashed" talent allowed Greymane to use GFTT as much as he wants as long as the Player was able to kill with it, considering it's now part of the Baseline Quest, I don't need to bring this talent back, but I don't like the new "Unleashed" talent, I find the damage increasing really "retarded" because there's not any condition to gain it. With this new mechanic dealing damage based on target's missing Health, it suits more than currently to this Ult.

  • Gilnean Roulette (R2)
    • New functionality:
      • Whenever a Hero (ally or enemy) is killed, the cooldown of Cursed Bullet is reset and you gain 50 Mana.
      • !Passive: You deal 15% more damage to Heroes below 50% Health.

This talent is based on the old "A Card to Play" which was an exclusive talent granted to Raynor having this effect: "Whenever an allied or enemy Hero dies, Raynor's Heroic Ability cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds."

I was always disappointed to see that talent has never been given to another Hero because it suits very well to other Heroes, and Greymane is a part of them! That's why I wanted to rework this talent. I've also given a Passive Effect which suits to Cursed Bullet's Design.

Talents Tree

  • Level 1
    • Incendiary Elyxir (Q Human)
    • Wolfheart (W)
    • Viciousness (W)
    • Furious Sweep (Q Worgen/W)

  • Level 4
    • Anti-Magical Veil (Q Human)
    • Inner Breath (W)
    • Thick Skin (E)
    • Relentless Predator (Trait)

  • Level 7
    • Perfect Aim (Q Human / E)
    • Wizened Duellist (Passive)
    • Marked for the Kill (Active)

  • Level 10
    • Go for the Throat (R1)
    • Cursed Bullet (R2)

  • Level 13
    • Unfettered Assault (Q Worgen)
    • On the Prowl (W / Mount)
    • Running Wild (Passive)

  • Level 16
    • Concentrated Blast (Q Human)
    • Eager Wolf (W)
    • Alpha Killer (Worgen)

  • Level 20
    • Unleashed (R1)
    • Gilnean Roulette (R2)
    • Hunter’s Blunderbuss (Trait)
    • Tooth and Claw (Trait)

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