Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm North American League For The Beard

Hello! My Name is Aulox and im a old content creator for Heroes of the Storm in Latin America, Since day one hold Tournament for Latam but since the past days a lot of players have moved to play on NA Servers since there is more people and are more stable.

With this in mind we decided to move our League from the Brazilian server to Central America Server, allowing people who don't speak Spanish to join the League.

Our format is very simple yet extremely fun, the League last for 3 Weeks and hold 2 Qualifiers.
From Each Qualifier 2 Teams Advance giving a top 4 Format for the Grand Finals.
Qualifiers have a Rampage Format (Bo1 Double Elimination) and they are played on 1 Day (2 if too many teams join)

The Prizepool we have is Gather via Matcherino (Free Missions that allow to increase more the Prizepool)

The First Qualifier is on July 11:
Second Qualifier is on July 18 :


-Read Rules on Battlefy or Matcherino

-All Team can join if they Play on Central America

-Qualifiers have Rampage double elimination Bracket Format!

-Only 2 Teams Advance from each Qualifier

PD: We will be creating giveaways for people who does Matcherino Missions and take the time to support competitive <3

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PD2: Latin American Tournament will be changed to an invitational since we have less teams now

PD3: The NA League is free to cast if you want to create content for you channel (i will be casting in Spanish with Maiker)

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