Heroes of the Storm

HeroesCCL Season 2 Week 1 Advanced Statistics

ONYX vs Simplicity

WildHeart Esports vs Chilly Mountain

STORM Esports vs Granit Gaming

Oxygen Esports vs 30k

Of the three Tomb of the Spider Queen games, only 1 worked throughout, can't do much about that. I also noticed as I was up to the end of the first game between Oxygen Esports and 30k that my replay stat adder was doing Hogger's things wrong, and the score that was meant to just be Heroes stunned with Staggering Blow was also Hoardapult Casts, so those two values used the same entry, making both stats just about worthless. GJ, me!

I'll also take this time to point out a bug that Blizzard added when they fixed the mech giving 2x XP when killed by something that deals damage to invulnerable targets – now, instead of granting 2x XP(or potentially more, as was the case for The Lost Vikings with the right talents), it ejects D.Va from her mech the moment it is disabled. This happened at least once in CCL this week, which you can see in this clip. In this instance, it was caused by Falstad's level 13 percent damage talent. This bug was first brought to my attention just a few days ago by /u/coffeeclubbr, and it's not actually something I likely would have noticed.

If you would like to see these types of statistics in your own game, I've currently got an older version available on github, and intend to update that in the next couple of days to add in a bevy of new features relating to observer visibility, but I likely won't be making a post about that, as there are still more features to add before I consider it "caster ready", here's what the version I'm working with at the moment looks like, as well as the main config window

I would also like to add for clarity that when the term "Bonus" is used, it will be included in the base value as well as in that bonus value, for example, if you see "Rush-down Bonus Damage to non-Heroes", that damage value will also be included in "Booster Damage to non-Heroes", where as "Rush-down Damage to Heroes" will not be included in "Booster Damage to Heroes". Bonus Damage also does not properly factor in overkill, and assumes you dealt full damage(it does take into account the armor system & the like, however), Bonus Healing does properly factor in overheal, but it is only featured on a select few Heroes.

If you see any statistics that seem to be incorrect, please bring them up – Try as I might to do things right the first time, it is quite likely I have failed in several spots.

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