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HeroesHearth CCL Season 1 Playoffs Week 1 Advanced Statistics

Content of the article: "HeroesHearth CCL Season 1 Playoffs Week 1 Advanced Statistics"

Granit Gaming vs Chilly Mountain

Simplicity vs R8 Winner

Sidestep Kings vs R7 Winner

30k vs R6 Winner

No games featured desyncs, so they're all present. I did notice an issue with a couple format frames in Garrosh's Wrecking Ball and Medivh's Portals used, so you'll notice those entries are lacking hero names, and instead say %hero. This has already been fixed for the post next week.

I'm currently planning to experiment with adding damage dealt by each players captured mercenaries if I can figure out a 100% reliable way to tell who captured a specific mercenary. If I can sort that out, it'll be in the team column and styled in much the same way as damage to each player, where it'll say something akin to "Damage dealt by %camptype% camps captured by %player%(%hero%)", and might split it further into damage that camp dealt to certain enemy types, but that'll remain to be seen.

As with the last couple of posts, most heroes have listings saying "BUG!", but that can be more properly read as simply them being not updated to use the newest design for score representation. I meant to do some of these over the break, but didn't really expand anyone except for Rexxar due to some Misha stuff that bothered me.

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Additionally, as is a bit of a habit, here's a bug I found this week due to doing these posts: in Game 1 of Chilly Mountain vs Granit Gaming, Makke picked Earthen Shields on Thrall, and there's a bug with it: the amount of shield granted is equal to 15% of Thrall's maximum health, not 15% of the the allied heroes maximum health. You can see this demonstrated here. Not really a major bug, but I'm putting it here so people know. It's been reported elsewhere to Blizzard. This has been the case since the other bug with it where the target would be caster, and in doing that fix, it caused this to break in this fashion. This happened in the 2.48.2 Patch.

Any feedback or things you'd like to ask relating to this, fire away.

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