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How about HotS goes back to the roots of the MOBA genre?

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on MOBAs and didn't fact check everything in here tbh. But I just had this idea and wanted to throw it out there to see what people think of it πŸ™‚ lmk if I'm making false statements πŸ™‚

So hear me out: If we go all the way back to the beginning of MOBAs there was DotA, which was a custom map for WC3 made by the community of the game. This mod really took off and later DOTA2 and then LoL emerged out of it which then basically lead to the creation of the MOBA genre.

Blizzard of course owning the original game that lead to the success of these games sought out an answer to also get a piece of the cake and hence started working on Blizzard Allstars, which back in 2010 was a Starcraft mod under development. Blizz had announced ideas at previous Blizzcons and shown some concepts but then never released the mod afaik but instead created the HotS we know today (or rather the one before HotS 2.0 but you get the gist).

Blizzard then put in quite a good amount of money to boost the game and create a pro league and even collegiate tournaments. After somewhat recent developments and other companies getting involved (not pointing fingers but we know who I mean…) Blizzard decided to cut funding for the game and shift resources to other franchises that are more profitable (i.e. WoW I think or Diablo Immortal lmao).

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Since then the community has felt pretty much let down by the devs despite the HotS team ensuring us that they'd have enough resources to keep the game alive.

I personally don't think they generally do a bad job and still really emjoy the game but you read a lot about how the game is dead and how especially the competitive scene obv isn't what it was before (competitive here meaning in game ranked and the "pro scene").

Despite all that I think there's still quite a big community that enjoys the game.

So here's my idea: what if Blizzard went back to the roots of their game and allowed the community to be a part of the game development? We have tons of great ideas in this reddit here and in other places too. Blizzard could allow the community to create custom games similarly to how Overwatch does it. Then people with great ideas could actually support the Devs and the community could play test these and leave feedback ingame. Ofc there would be ridiculous stuff in there as well but also one or the other genius idea. Then blizzard would already have the code essentially to implement these changes and improve the game over time.

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That way the community could have an active impact on the game (both modders and players who test these mods) and the game could get some fresh air. Maybe this would even bring back older players who quit the game, thus increasing the player base and "reviving" the game. It could also allow the Devs to focus on other things like the balancing they already do now, more frequent hero reworks and even more hero releases!

The new nexus anomaly that people seem to hate so much is a good example here. Blizz could have created that weather mode and let ppl play around with it. Then maybe some iteration of it could make it to the game eventually but only with the input from the players. It would just overall be much more of a collaborative approach. The devs wouldn't even have to create these mods themselves but see what the community likes and work off of that really.

Ofc I'm aware that smth like that also takes a lot of resources (not only the process that I described but also the setup to get to a place where this is actually possible) but I think it's an interesting idea and would love to hear what people think of it.

TL;DR: I think it could be interesting to allow modders to make create custom mods similar to what Overwatch does and then let Blizz take some of that and enhance the core game. Let me hear some feedback πŸ™‚

Source: reddit.com

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