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How about keeping medallion but just not making it permanently anti-CC.

Content of the article: "How about keeping medallion but just not making it permanently anti-CC."

I really like the medallion, but that's because I mostly play melee assassins so cc chains are what my nightmares are made of. But I think the reason why medallion *feels bad* to many is that it comes with no trade-offs for the individual player (it only makes my life better); instead all of the tradeoff is in the hero pool. CC heroes are punished, heroes weak to CC are rewarded. Here is a way to make it feel better:

Make the medallion a part of a player's loadout with their hero choice and cosmetics. It becomes the HOTS equivalent of a summoner spell from LoL; where you can pick from a limited set of a few options.

  1. Self-cleanse
  2. Self-shield
  3. Move speed increase plus unblockable (like dehaka or malthael)
  4. Temp attack speed increase
  5. Temp spell power increase
  6. a weak damage spell/aoe centered on hero, probably better as a poison cloud DoT than instant damage.

No matter which one you pick, it has the super long cooldown timer and only lasts for a few seconds max. However, this way heroes that rely on CC aren't permanently weakened by adding medallion, and players that don't get as much use from self-cleanse can get a small bonus instead that matches their play style on that hero.

If self-cleanse is the obvious metapick out of these 6 in all circumstances, then we'd be tacitly admitting that CC is overpowered in current HOTS and keeping the medallion as-is would be justified. If that's not the case, then I think the medallion-with-options adds an extra level to the skill ceiling across the board while also having advantages: A) It brings some additional continuity between heroes to ease the learning curve and make the game a little more forgiving. B) It doesn't so broadly upset the meta by tilting the game in one direction for everyone. C) It increases the feeling of customization of a heroes gameplay to match the player's style when many talent trees end up in a "meta" build.

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