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How long that Craft Wars will end in early next month?

Content of the article: "How long that Craft Wars will end in early next month?"

because this Ranked season will end in just 3 weeks. I already told that not only Winter Seasonal-event have arrived but also new heroes trailer & possibly rework for Varian & Kael'thas (in that reason either Nova & Valeera haven't update for a year). although I see that Fall-Seasonal collection will ending after new Live patch was improvement. these Seasonal collections that I have in the past here in the list:

  • Spring seasonal including numerous skins from Dark Nexus & Lunar Festival none of Caldeum Complex skins. but the next Spring seasonal I tried to buy Speed Demon Lucio when I setting to purchase that hero from Overwatch. also I have Cyber Oni Warboar mount from the Loot Chest.
  • Summer seasonal including numerous skins from any Summer seasonal events plus some Mounts from the Loot Chests. almost no Legendary skins when finally see Mecha Yrel from MechaStorm II.
  • Fall seasonal including numerous skins from Hallow's End, Scarlet Heist, & Craft Wars none of Fall of King's Crest skins from Loot Chests (because these event skins has rarely seen in the chests with I receive all of Emperor of the Dominion Anduin skin & tints plus some of Legendary skins that I have including Doctor Wolf & Stein, Baby-Face Orphea, Scorch Spectre Illidan & Showstopper Whitemane (Diamond tint in the letter skin that I have to purchase from Collection) so I could have more skins in remained time). this season is nearly end I tried to have Phantom Knight Zarya skin that leading up to beginning of next seasonal event. also I have some of these Mounts from chests.
  • Winter seasonal having numerous skins & mounts including Cosmic Force Valeera & Cosmonaut Qhira. so in this next season I want to have more Winter Veil skins including Winter's Helper Valla skin & others.
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so if check that new Winter seasonal event plus new Hero Spotlight could I see for it? plz any answers.

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