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How to be healed by: Kharazim

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As a healer main, I think it would be helpful to detail how to best get healed and work with healers. I'll try to do a write up for each healer. If anyone is interested in assisting and also making guides, please PM me. Maybe we can get the final compendium linked to the wiki eventually?

Guides: Li Li | Kharazim

Today's guide is about everyone's favorite monk, Kharazim! He's also the only monk (shh, Dad!).

The Basics:

Q: Jumps to an ally OR enemy

W: Heals allies in a close radius and gives them movement speed

E: Boosts AA speed and range

R1: Become invulnerable and deal % damage 7 times to nearby enemies

R2: Restore a large amount of health if an ally takes fatal damage

Level 1: Routes

Khara is very unique in that his level 1 talent lets him go three different routes with his abilities, akin to Varian's multiclassing. It's very important when you have a Kharazim on your team that you know which type he is, as each one plays a bit differently from the other, especially in how heals will be delivered.

Transcendence: Basic attacks heal (GREEN)

Every THIRD basic attack will heal a nearby hero AND give a whopping 25% movement speed for 2.5 seconds. This talent works great with a team good at diving or with a heavy complement of beefy frontliners, or for a small map (minions to punch), an objective like Sky Temple which spawns minions, or against enemies who are beefy but low on CC.


  • Ensure he has a safe target to hit – leave him minions or objective spawns
  • Retreat if he has nothing safe to hit and don't expect heavy heals until he does
  • Pop defensives if he is stunned as his healing will shut down

Iron fists: Basic attacks deal more damage (RED)

Every THIRD basic attack does 110% more damage and gives Kharazim 25% more movement speed. This is basically the "DPS" build, but it is a great complement for a ganky team with good disengage. His heals are lower in this build, but his dashes make him good at securing kills, so he can fill a hybrid spot of heals and finisher.


  • Do not expect heavy heals
  • Focus on engage and disengage quickly if no kill is secured

Insight: Basic attacks restore mana and lower cooldowns (BLUE)

Every THIRD (are you sensing a pattern?) basic attack reduces his CDs. This build focuses on sustain. If he has something to punch, he can heal forever, as well as shore up macro weakness through quick camp and wave clears. He has to reach 100 stacks before this quest is completed (usually around level 7-10) and it's best to leave easy mercs (bruisers, eg ones he can dodge attacks from. This write up is good for merc camp explanations) for him to quest stack off of. Once he is stacked, especially after level 16 (see later elaboration), he can pump out great healing if he can punch without interruption.

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  • Ensure he has a safe target to hit – leave him minions or objective spawns
  • Give him time to stack before heavy engages
  • Leave easy merc camps for him to stack
  • Pop defensives if he is stunned as his healing will shut down

Q: Radiant Dash

This skill comes with 2 charges and can be talented for additional charges, reduced CD and to deliver a barrage of punches (which DO heal if he's picked transcendence). Try to ensure someone remains close enough for him to Q to when disengaging – it's a shorter range than you think, and often I see allies circling just out of range.

At level 13, he can upgrade this to give move speed and at 16 it can be upgraded to briefly give unstoppable, making it (imo) the best cleanse in the game due to the quick CD. The caveat, however, is that he needs to throw himself into the fray to do this, which means it can't be used vs something like Deckard's Stay Awhile or ETC's mosh…and it (again) means he'll need a target to leap out to. Note that he will be giving up survival to pick cleanse (he gets spellshield or armor upon stun otherwise), so don't expect it if he's being targeted a lot.

A good Khara will always have a q in the chamber to flee, so expect him to be ready to use it to get out. On the flip side, it means you have more support than you realize, so be braver with encounters if he's built for Q because he can and will dive in to support you. Note that his Q can be stunned right as it's being cast, but the timing required for that is so exceptional that it's basically bad (or good, depending on perspective) luck.

His Q also comes with an instant AA, making it great for finishing an enemy.


  • Try to stay close enough for Khara to dart away to
  • Be aware that he has heals and cleanses ready and don't be afraid to engage

W: Breath of Heaven

This heal is an Aoe on a 10 second cooldown, so not great, not terrible. This is his core (and basically only) heal outside of talents. The range is not that far (much smaller than Q range), so you do need to briefly stack. At level 16, if he takes Echo of Heaven, he'll do a second heal 3 seconds later for 75% as much – this is still a rather decent healing amount, so if your health is low, don't run away if he's picked this talent!


  • Group near him if you need heals
  • Stay close for a followup heal if he's picked Breath of Heaven at 16
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E: Deadly Reach

This makes him punch faster and further, although the range increase is not a lot. He can upgrade this to have his own punches reduce the skill's CD, which just reinforces "leave him something to punch" – this includes nice easy targets like walls and fountains. If you have a Khara, leave those for him to handle so he has a way to punch-heal you under a tower.


  • Leave Khara stuff to punch!

R1: Seven Sided Strike

Often lambasted as the "DPS" pick, this is underrated for its great self-peel ability – a living healer heals much better than a dead one, so please consider than when criticizing talent picks. While this skill is going off, his CDs continue to cooldown, which means he almost always will have a Q available when it's done, so stay in range for him to jump out, as enemies tend to back up to avoid the damage.

Note that the damage this deals is also PERCENT-BASED, making this a pretty great choice against huge health pools like Cho'Gall or Deathwing. If he lands all 7 strikes on them, it basically halves their health!


  • Stay in range for him to jump out once it's done
  • Be ready for followup on high health heroes

R2: Divine Palm

Probably the most frustrating and most satisfying skill in the game. It's incredibly easy to whiff, but feels awesome when it works. The target must take LETHAL damage within 3 seconds of application, making it very hard to land and very easy for skilled enemies to cheese. Don't help the enemies do this – if palm is on you, go forth and die! Quickly. The most frustrating thing ever is when people run away – or pop a defensive! – and only take just enough incidental damage to survive and then die to a Kael flamestrike as soon as palm ends. It's basically a much harder ancestral healing (palm: 1200 healing, ancestral: 1180).


  • You WANT to take damage while it's up, but only in a very small window of 3 seconds
  • It's pretty difficult to land and easy to cheese, so be understandable if they elect zoning/self-survival/damage with SSS instead


I've already covered his core level 1 talent paths above, so I'll outline totems here, which he gets at level 4. Khara can dash to his totems to save his butt, but that requires them being on CD or in range. Totems CAN be killed by the enemies.

  • Spirit ally: Heals people in its radius. Like healing ward, but better. The healing is PERCENT BASED, making it very good for beefy heroes. Stand in the radius!

  • Earth ally: This gives you a HUGE 50% armor against AA attacks! This is amazing! The totem also has significantly more health (400 vs 150/200) than spirit or air, so enemies actually have to target it directly. Stand in the radius!

  • Air ally: This totem reveals stealthed enemies, grants vision AND gives 15% (!!!) spellpower to all allies in its range. This includes not only his heals, but also buffs spells you cast! Stand in the radius!

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  • Stand in the totem's radius!

Overall Takeaways

Kharazim is an aggressive healer focusing on dealing damage and chasing enemies or diving to allies. He works best with a frontline-heavy team and on small maps or on maps with objectives which spawn minions. He is useful for shoring up weaknesses in draft through extra damage, securing kills or assisting with macro, based on which build he picks. If he is your healer, it's vitally important you pay attention to which level 1 talent he chooses (F2 shows this), as his healing route will vary dramatically. His heals are AoE, so he needs to be physically close to you to heal you.

Kharazim's best buds: Ganking heroes with good self-heals and disengage like Greymane, Blaze, Genji. Other healers! He makes a great 2nd healer.

Kharazim's worst enemies: Blinders like Li Li, Cassia and Jo. Stunners like Imperius. Rooters like Mei.

Kharazim doesn't like hanging out with: Heavy ranged comps. He has nothing to punch and has slow heals.

Kharazim loves to bully: Ranged targets with bad escapes like Kael'thas or Nazeebo. With spellshield, he can 1v1 them well. He's pretty good vs slowers like Jaina, as his heals (and punches, if transcendence is picked) give speed to negate slows.

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