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How to convince/persuade my LoL mates, to try HotS?

Content of the article: "How to convince/persuade my LoL mates, to try HotS?"

Title. With actual objective arguments if possible.

I have been playing LoL for like 8 years (And I'm still), and sometimes it has gotten me so frustrated for several reasons.

Discovering HotS has healed me a bit. And Im actually sad, for not finding this game before.

  • A huuuge "%" of the people I suggest them to try HotS, they'd blatantly say "Isnt that game dead yet? XD". Facepalm… And I answer them a hero is about to be revealed soon, for instance, yet IDK, the conversation ends there often.
  • Others would objectively say "I looked some videos/heard some rumours about it, and I feel like it doesnt have that competitive feeling, LoL has". Which again, is debatable.

Maybe some arguments could be the whole thing the game revolves around?

Rotating maps, no money but experience as resource, and talent as build instead of items.I'd briefly mention these to friends, but they don't understand.

I mean as I've mentioned, Im more chill now mentally thanks to HotS.

And I know A LOOOT of LoL mates are frustrated in that game too. I bet they'd love the experience, if they just were brave enough to try the game.

I guess this thread is also valid for suggesting the DotA2 population to try HotS. Havent personally played that MOBA a lot though myself.

Im not gonna point at anyone's neck with a knife to make them try the game indeed.

But I really feel they would love if they tried.

Sorry for the format, English, and so on, BTW. Writing from phone.

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