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How to improve with no MOBA experience?

By no experience, I mean maybe 3 games of League and <10 games on HOTS.

Background: I have friends who love MOBAs. They have thousands of hours on League. It's hard for us to find co-op games to play together, since there's 5 of us and so many games are 4 player co-op, so MOBAs are great in that regard. Except when they tried getting me into League a few years back I realllly wasn't into it–I felt really out of my league (Ha) and the game seemed so complicated and disheartening. Then they got me to try HOTS a bit later, and I actually liked it! I kinda sucked, obviously, being my first time playing, but I felt like I had a better handle on it than I did with League. We played a few matches and then got distracted with other stuff for a year, not picking it up again until a week or so ago. Played a few more matches and I still liked it! But I'm still clearly the weak link in the team, being the person with the least experience in MOBAs.

I'd really like to get better and surprise my friends the next time we play, but I have no idea what the best way to do that would be. When I played before, my friends and I constantly got matched with people who were waaay higher leveled than us, so I'm worried that solo queueing would just pit me with and against people who know the game much better than me and that I'd just end up dragging my team down. When I play with my friends, they mostly tell me what to do and where to go: "help me with this objective" "we need to go to the temple now" "just stay mid with me". I'd have little to no idea what to do without them, and wouldn't want to annoy my random teammates by wandering around like a fool. What's the best way to learn solo? Should I just play on my own against AI, or is it not really reflective of playing with real people? Should I just watch videos of other people play? I have Tyrande unlocked from the tutorial when I played a year ago, and I played Jaina most recently and really had fun with her but don't have her unlocked. I know nothing about the meta. Thanks guys!

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